caylee.jpgOnce again George and Cindy Anthony are making requests to do something that no one else gets to do when it comes to the murder of their granddaughter’s case. Their daughter, Casey, has been charged with murdering little 2 year old Caylee Marie Anthony, her own daughter, in June 2008.

The one fact in this case that no one can understand is that it took them 31 days to report this baby missing and it wasn’t even the child’s mother that reported it. It was the grandmother that made the infamous 911 call. The mother’s excuse for not calling sooner was that she was doing her own investigating to look for her daughter. She looked everywhere she could think of, even in nightclubs where she had to party at while searching, I suppose that was her version of doing undercover work. Did she think Caylee was hiding under the tables or something?

The trial is due to start soon, if the national media doesn’t cause a major delay in the case because not finding out about where the jury selection is going to be will hurt their pocketbooks because they won’t be able to be the first to announce the “bombshell” news on the early show or the morning breakfast shows on their network programs. Judge Belvin Perry had denied a motion filed to allow the press access to the location early without them having to sign a confidentiality agreement first. They have to promise not to reveal the location and not to go to the location and do any reporting ahead of time.

According to George and Cindy Anthony’s attorney, Mark Lippman, he does not think the Anthony’s are planning to attend the jury selection phase of this case. However they have made a request to visit with their daughter one last time before the trial begins. Of course the visit will be recorded and videotaped, but under the Florida Sunshine law the video’s should be made public. The Anthony’s think they should be exempt from that this time. Their attorney has filed a motion asking that any video visitation they make with their daughter now not to be released to the media for the public to see.

OK in all fairness if it were my daughter, I would probably feel the same way but my reason would be because I wouldn’t want the world to see and hear me scolding my daughter for what she has done. Is this what the Anthony’s are worried about? Somehow I doubt it. Besides if the law says it will be released normally, then that is just how it would be. There should be no special privileges for them, once again, but that is only my opinion.

The last time the Anthony’s visited their daughter at the jail was in August 2008. The last time they spoke with her in person was the say she was indicted by the grand jury for first degree murder on October 14, 2008. They claim they didn’t want to be videoed to visit with their daughter but they were denied special privileges at that time too when they requested not to be recorded. I don’t think I would have let that stop me though.

If they do get this permission though, the prosecution would still get to view the visit and listen to it too, so it is highly unlikely that Jose (Bozo) Baez would even allow them to visit and Casey herself would probably refuse too.

I for one pray that this trial and jury selection is not delayed any longer. It is way past due starting as it is. I pray that the three judges with Florida’s 5th District Court of Appeal will handle this so no delays will come up. It is time a jury hears this case and decides on the fate of Casey Anthony.

I pray for justice for Caylee Marie Anthony!

Jan Barrett

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