caylee2.jpgThis past week has been anything but boring in the case of the Casey Anthony Murder trial. Casey Anthony is the mother of little 2 year old Caylee Marie Anthony from Orlando Florida that was reported missing on July 15, 2008 by the child’s grandmother.

The shocking part of the case began with the fact that the child had apparently been missing for a month before anyone bothered to call and report it. The mother claimed the last she saw of her daughter was when she dropped her off with the nanny on her way to work that morning. It didn’t take long for the police to discover that the mother didn’t even have a job like she claimed and eventually the events began to unravel and the mother was finally arrested for first degree murder and the state is asking for the death penalty should she be found guilty.

The child’s remains were found in a wooded area within walking distance of the Anthony family home in Orlando on December 11, 2008. Caylee had been placed inside a laundry bag with duct tape across her face which was then placed inside a garbage bag and dumped into the woods like she was yesterday’s garbage.

Now almost three years later we are finally seeing the case go to court in what they call the jury selection phase, which was forced to take place outside the Orlando area where the crime began because of claims that Anthony would not receive a fair trial. .

By some of the questioning put forth to the prospective jurors, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where the defense is planning to take this in the case that their client is found guilty. It appears they are leaning towards blaming George and Cindy Anthony for Casey’s problems, saying she was raised in a verbally and sexually abusive home. I guess we are supposed to weep for poor little Casey now.

WRONG! I know I won’t be because I don’t believe for one minute anything she has said. Sure everyone that has followed this case knows that there is a problem in this family but I don’t think for one minute that Casey was any sort of a victim here. She was always spoiled and always protected no matter what she did wrong. Her mother was always there to get her out of things and now that it is out of her mother’s hands, Casey is lashing out at them.

The jury selection started on Monday, March 9, 2011. Everything was going slow but it was business as usual until an appearance of a new face on the defense team showed up Thursday. Apparently the defense has hired a mitigation specialist to find information about Anthony’s life that could help the defense if Casey is found guilty.

Normally this could be expected since it has been clear about what angle the defense has planned here but the person they had joining them is what shocks everyone. Her name is Rosalie Bolin. Now to ordinary people this name would mean nothing but it is a name that is only too familiar to the people in the Tampa, Florida area.

rosalie-bolin.jpgRosalie Bolin worked for the Hillsborough County’s Public Defender Office as a death penalty mitigation expert. She is listed as a regional director for the Florida Capital Resource Center. Information given on her from the non-profit organization’s website says she has been involved in more than 700 murder cases in 20 counties in Florida.

It is reported that Bolin, who was once married to a prominent Tampa attorney, while working as the death penalty mitigation expert, she was ultimately forced to leave because she was spending way too much time on the Oscar Ray Bolin case. It wasn’t long after she was dismissed from the case that she and Oscar Bolin were married in a ceremony that took place by telephone.

oscar-ray-bolin.jpgOscar Bolin is a convicted serial killer that is now on death row after he was convicted of killing 26 year old Teri Lynn Matthews in 1986. Her lifeless body was found wrapped in a wet sheet near railroad tracks. It was apparent that she has been raped, beaten and then stabbed. He has also been charged with the murders of 25 year old Natalie Blanche Holley and 17 year old Stephanie Collins.

Way to go Jose (Bozo) Baez. You have just added more to the circus gang you call Casey Anthony’s defense team. Of course Bozo declined to comment on the addition of Bolin to his team but Radar Online is reporting that Bolin herself told a reporter, “It should be obvious what I’m doing here.”

What does that tell us? I guess each of us can take that to mean what we want to think.

Hopefully the actual Casey Anthony murder trial will start this coming week. A lot of people are waiting and praying that little Caylee Marie Anthony will finally be getting justice. She deserves it. She is the only victim here, not her mother as the defense team is trying to make us believe. Caylee is the one that has suffered in all this. I pray she will finally get her justice. God bless little Caylee and may she soon be able to rest in peace.

Jan Barrett

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