caylee3.jpgThe past few days seems to have been busy for Chief Judge Belvin Perry, who is presiding over the upcoming trial of accused murder suspect, Casey Anthony. Anthony is charged with first degree murder in the death of her two year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. Anthony’s attorneys are fighting for her life in this case as well because the prosecutors have the death penalty on the table.

Judge Perry ruled that the jurors will be allowed to hear about the plant growth from the area where little Caylee’s remains were found. The prosecution says this evidence will show that the child’s body had been left in the woods, where she was found within walking distance of the Anthony home in Orlando, soon after she disappeared.

Perry also denied another motion from the defense team asking that Judge Perry reconsider his previous ruling about allowing the stain in the trunk as evidence showing decomposition in the car of their client’s to be used as evidence during the trial.

There has been a media frenzy going on after it was reported that Judge Perry was seen in West Palm Beach touring the County courthouse, Wednesday. Questions are being passed whether this could be a clue as to where he plans to go to pick the jury members. Although Perry won’t tell reporters what he was doing in West Palm Beach, other than he was there with his friend, court administrators say that he has visited other locations as well that he has been considering to go for the jury pick.

Judge Perry doesn’t plan to tell the defense or the prosecuting attorney’s where he decides to take them until next week and when he does reveal to them where the location will be they are ordered not to tell the public. I think it is very important that the location doesn’t leak out.

In other news of this trial, the prosecutors have added two witnesses to their lists. The defense dropped the two psychiatrists that had recently examined their client, who they were hoping to use as some sort of rebuttal to the state’s theory that Casey was acting out of guilty conscience when she lied to investigators and to her family in order to interfere and stall the search for little Caylee. When the judge challenged them by asking them how they planned to explain the hearsay testimony from the doctors about her behavior without having her testify herself, the defense decided to drop them as witnesses.

The state can use the two witnesses‘s testimony against the defense according to WESH’s legal analyst and retired circuit Judge O.H. Eaton. Eaton said, “It makes sense to use them for rebuttal. If there’s an effort to explain the 31 days, these witnesses may be able to rebut that testimony.“

The closer this case gets to going to trial the more tense everyone is getting. It might be interesting to see just how many tricks the defense and the Anthony’s will try to pull in order to get their client off the hook. I just can’t see how anyone, even a mocked up jury, could even possibly vote to acquit with the evidence stacked up in this case.

I do however think Casey Anthony can get a fair trial. There are a lot of people that can base their decision solely on the evidence presented to them during the trial. The question is… Will the evidence that the prosecutors have be enough to convict her? Personally I do think it is. I guess we will soon find out. Will Caylee finally get her justice? I sure pray that she does. Then she can rest in peace. God bless you Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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