caylee.jpgThe much awaited ruling was made today in the murder case against Casey Anthony in Orlando Florida. Judge Belvin Perry made his decision today and ruled against two of the major motions filed by Anthony’s defense team last week.

Anthony is in the Orange County jail and is being charged with first degree murder of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony in June of 2008.. The state is asking for the death penalty if she is found guilty

A motion filed asked the judge to throw out statements Anthony had said to the investigators when Caylee was first reported missing. Their argument was that since Casey was not read her Miranda Rights, her statements should not be allowed during the trial. They argued that she was essentially in custody and the investigators had interrogated her.

Although they admitted to handcuffing Anthony for a short time, she was never considered a suspect at the time.

Judge Perry noted the legal importance of the fact that it was Cindy Anthony, in her 911 call that summoned the officers to her home. It was not them summoning Casey Anthony so there was no need for her to be read her Miranda rights.  He also stated that the trip Anthony made to Universal Studios with the officers was done of her own free will, she was not forced to go.

In the second motion ruled on today, the defense argued that investigators used members of Anthony’s family as so-called “agents of the state”. The defense argued that while investigators worked on the case trying to build it, they were manipulating the Anthony family to get information from Casey to find Caylee and report back to them.

Judge Perry pointed out that Anthony’s family testified under oath that they were doing what ever they could to get information out of Casey so they could find Caylee. So that knocks out any accusations from the defense team about the family being used solely as “agents of the state”.

Other motions were ruled today as well.

The state’s Motion to Strike the Defendant’s Motion to Exclude Unreliable Evidence (Plant or Root Growth) was granted.

The state’s Motion to Strike the Defendant’s Motion to Exclude Unreliable Evidence Pursuant to Frye (Chloroform) was DENIED. The Courts believe it should be heard at the Frye Hearing, scheduled to start on March 23rd.

You can go to to read the motions that were ruled on.

So now I guess we will see more motions filed by the Defense to get other evidence thrown out that they are certain will help find their client guilty. Baez must be twitching that smirky smile he has right now, trying to cover up his disappointment in the rulings made today.

Caylee Marie Anthony is the victim here, not Baez’s client. They need to remember that this precious little girl lost her life at no fault of her own. It was not her choice to die. I think it is about time that she is remembered and they start worrying about her getting justice in all of this and not about Casey Anthony being set free to go dance on poles again in her nightclubs, the same nightclubs that she claimed she was at only looking for her daughter during the month that Caylee had been missing before she was reported to anyone as being missing.

I pray that Caylee will get what is rightfully hers now, and that is Justice. Someone needs to make wallpaper with only Caylee’s picture and plaster it on Casey’s jail cell so she will be forced to remember this baby.

Jan Barrett

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