caylee2.jpgA new ruling was sent out this afternoon by Judge Belvin Perry in the trial of Casey Anthony, the mother fighting for her life that is accused of murdering her own 2 year old child, from Orlando Florida in June 2008.

Judge Perry has ruled that the jury in the trial will be allowed to hear testimony concerning the chloroform that was detected in the defendant’s car trunk. Perry wrote that Arpad Vass who is a research scientist from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, will be allowed to testify at the trial about chloroform being found in the car and how it was determined to have been there, but the prosecution will once again have to establish a proper foundation in order for it to be used in the trial.

The way I see it is that this is a major issue against the defense team especially with the previous rulings made on Tuesday concerning the “heart sticker” evidence, the cadaver dogs search and the hair that was found in the trunk showing the death band ring. Even though the defense was asking to have them all removed the judge has decided they will all be allowed in the trial for the jury to hear about if a proper foundation is established.

Meanwhile it is being reported that Fox TV’s Geraldo Rivera plans to cover the trial once it starts and he is making claims that he plans to take Orlando by storm. “We’re going to raise some hell down there in Orlando and bust apart some of the preconceived notions that may exist,” said Rivera on his TV show. Is this something he and Baez could have made plans for on the day they was spotted on Geraldo’s boat together?


I think it would be rather amusing if the public treated Geraldo like the people in Putnam County, mainly the father of the missing child, Haleigh Cumming did. Basically you can say the man was run out of town and certainly wasn’t welcome there to investigate.

Haleigh Cummings case is another high-profile case in Florida. Haleigh was reported missing on February 10, 2009 and has yet to be found. People fear the case has just about gone into the cold case filed since all the prosecutors key people involved are in prison now on drug charges. I don’t agree though, I still think the ones responsible are patting themselves on the back congratulating themselves for a job well done in hiding what happened to that baby and I don’t think that person is behind bars, but that is of course my own opinion.

As for Geraldo Rivera covering the trial in Orlando, I am not really surprised but I do not understand why all the videos online that showed him with Baez and Baez’s wife on his boat have been deleted. I did however find a snapshot of them but it is not a very good one. When I clicked where it says to e image” I got a page saying it had been deleted. I do wonder if perhaps they didn’t want that seen by the public. Oh well!


In the end it doesn’t matter who is reporting on this case, even though I know some are doing it only for the publicity, it is not to make a name for anyone. To me it is so the public can establish some sort of faith back in our justice system if and when Caylee Marie Anthony finally gets some justice in this. She is the one that had her life ripped away from her and she is the one looking down from heaven waiting to get that justice. The world is waiting along with her as well. We are praying for you Caylee always.

Jan Barrett

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