caylee1.jpgJudge Belvin Perry made his rulings on some key evidence for the trial of Casey Anthony coming up in May. I am sure the defense is disappointed in the rulings but in all honesty they shouldn’t really be surprised.

The Judge has ruled that he will allow evidence about the single hair that was found in the trunk of Casey Anthony’s car, said to have a death band on it according to analysts.

Judge Perry also will allow the testimony about the cadaver dogs that hit on certain areas in the Anthony’s back yard and on the trunk of Casey’s car. Prosecutors say the dogs are specifically trained to picked up the scent of human decomposition.

Perry will also allow the evidence of the heart-shaped residue that was seen on the duct tape at the scene where Caylee Anthony’s remains were found.

The evidence ruled for today will allow the prosecutors to run with the claim that Casey Anthony apparently drove around in her car with her daughter’s decomposing body in the trunk. Of course they will have to establish a foundation for them in court before they will be admitted as evidence, but I am sure they wouldn’t have fought to get this evidence allowed if they didn’t have every bit of confidence that they will be able to do just that.

Casey Anthony is charged with first degree murder of her daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony. Anthony didn’t bother to report her daughter missing for 31 days and even then she didn’t do it, her mother, Cindy did when she called 911. Casey first told detectives that the Nanny took her daughter and she was looking for Caylee all that time on her own and that was why she didn’t report it. Unfortunately there is evidence that clearly shows that Casey was far from looking for her daughter unless she thought perhaps Caylee was hiding under the tables in the nightclub that Casey was caught dancing and partying in during those 31 days.

Casey was also caught on video at a Blockbuster Video renting a movie with her then boyfriend when Caylee was missing. She was also caught on tape in a Target Department store as she was purchasing beer and a lot of other things, including lingerie but apparently from what was seen on the video nothing she bought was for a 2 year old child. All this was during those 31 days that she claimed she was out looking for her daughter.

The jury selection for the trial begins May 9th which is way overdue. It will be about time this trial is on its way so it can end and the taxpayers will be able to recuperate from their taxes being spent by this defense team.

The defense team seems to love blaming the media on the outrage from the public that this case has received, yet if memory serves me correct, it is always members of their team or the Anthony’s faces that are seen on the TV. Seems to me they are trying to blame everyone but themselves for the public’s feelings toward their client and her family. They have turned this whole case into a circus and have only themselves to blame. Even attorney Cheney Mason stated when he took on the case that it will be fun. Is he laughing now? I wonder.

Pray for justice for Caylee Marie Anthony, the child that lost her life. They seem to have forgotten this is not a publicity act, it is all for justice for Caylee.

Jan Barrett

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