caylee.jpgAs far as I can tell Judge Belvin Perry has made a lot of people happy by the decisions he made on several motions filed by Casey Anthony’s wannabe defense team. The part that drew the attention most from the public is that the mother didn’t bother reporting little Caylee Anthony missing for a month and even at the time it was Caylee’s grandmother (not her mother) that made that infamous 911 call.

A grand jury handed down an indictment for first degree murder against the mother, Casey Anthony and the state is asking for the death penalty. What should have been a normal murder trial has turned into a fiasco that is unbelievable to the public. The lead attorney, Jose Baez has turned the case into a Circus and he has developed the nickname throughout the internet as Jose “Bozo” Baez as in Bozo the clown.

One motion included the request that testimony about the Mother’s history of lying or stealing not be allowed at the trial. The prosecution claims that her lying and stealing are inextricably intertwined with the evidence of her activities during the time Caylee disappeared from the beginning.

Judge Perry denied this motion.

Then Judge Perry decided that any questions about Anthony Rosciano sexual relations be left out of the trial. Prosecutors didn’t argue with it. They said that they agreed that the sexual details of her relationship with Rosciano are irrelevant to the case. They did however say that they believed that while the details of her sexual relationship with Tony Lazarro weren’t relevant to the case, they do think that the existence o a relationship between him and Anthony during the time Caylee was missing was highly relevant. Judge Perry ruled that the intimate relationship could not be used but he said all the other aspects of their relationship will be allowed.

The next motion filed by the defense was for Anthony’s entries on her MySpace page labeled “Diary of Days” not to be allowed as evidence. The prosecution argued that the postings made were inconsistent in content with that of a mother desperately seeking her kidnapped daughter. They also claim that messages on there sent to Anthony by her own mother are evidence that the two of them indeed did have a rocky relationship during 2008. Perry has denied this motion. He said the postings will be allowed as evidence in the trial.

In a motion that testimony about a shovel that Casey Anthony borrowed from Brian Burner, their neighbor, be excluded was denied also by Judge Perry after the prosecution argues that borrowing a shovel within two days of her daughter’s disappearance could raise questions as to what she needed a shovel for at that time.

During the time Caylee was missing but not reported as so, her mother had a tattoo done saying “la bella vita” which is Italian for “the beautiful life”. The defense asked that this not be allowed as evidence in the trial because it wasn’t relevant to the case. The prosecution argued that the timing and the nature of the tattoo are indeed relevant. They said a jury is entitled to view the defendant getting a tattoo as an expression of her preference for her life without Caylee. Judge Perry has denied this motion as well.

The monster mash video by Jib Jab will not be allowed which the prosecution agreed was not relevant in the case.

So all in all I would say the defense team was knocked down on most of these motions and I think most are in agreement with the good Judge, What could Bozo, I mean Baez be thinking when asking for these motions. How can they possibly think any of these denied motions are not relevant in the case? I am sure now they are back at the drawing board looking for other silly motions to be filed to cost the taxpayers more money as they go into the courtroom to hear them.

The trial is scheduled to start in May but there will be another status hearing in March. I can’t wait to hear what other nonsense the defense team will bring in this time. will be streaming all the hearings live so we can watch it.

I for one am anxiously waiting for this little girl to finally get some justice. She didn’t deserve to die. I am sure she is up in heaven watching down waiting. She is with God now so I know she is safe but it is a shame that she is no longer alive and able to live her life on earth. Someone took that away from her and they have to pay. From where I sit all the evidence I know of leads to one person and I pray that she will be found guilty and   that her punishment will be harsh.

Pray for all the missing, abused and murdered children in this world. There are way too many of them. My prayers are always with Haleigh Cummings and Adji Desir who have been missing now for over two years. They need to be found and brought home as well.

God bless all the children and keep them safe.

Jan Barrett

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