According to reports, it looks like George and Cindy Anthony are a little upset with their ex-attorney, Brad Conway. They are claiming that Conway has said things on HLN’s Nancy Grace (Entertainment) Show about the Anthony family‘s dynamics and dysfunction that apparently is considered as a breach of attorney-client privilege which would be a violation of state statues and bar rules.

The Anthony’s attorney, Mark Lippman claims he is drafting a pre-suit letter to Conway which is the first step in filing a lawsuit against him. This would seek a protective order to keep Conway from speaking to anyone about his former clients.

“Certainly, he has violated the Florida Bar Rules and Florida Statutes and at the very least they (George and Cindy Anthony) are entitled to a protective order from the court preventing him from discussing his representation of them or using his former representation of them to make analysis for any case,” said Lippman.

Personally I think that everyone knows just how dysfunctional this family is and it isn’t like Brad Conway has said anything that none of us don’t already know. I realize that there is an attorney-client privilege thing here but let’s face it, the only reason they are doing this is because Brad Conway is the only one they can go after and this is another way to get their names back in the news. Could they be upset that their daughter has been getting all the attention these days and no one seems to be showing them pity these days?

caylee1.jpgThe truth of the matter is that the one person that should be getting the attention in all this is rarely even mentioned, unless they are speaking of her remains. Caylee Marie Anthony should be all that the Anthony’s think about right now. They should be fighting for justice for that little girl. Did Caylee ask for any of this? No, she didn’t. Was any of this Caylee’s fault? No of course it wasn’t, but she is the one that has paid dearly for being part of this totally dysfunctional family.

We have been following the jury selection phase of this case and it is clear that somewhere down the line this defense team is planning on using the claim that Casey was sexually abused by her father and brother as a child. Ann Finnel has hinted numerous times that the sexual abuse Casey is claiming could explain her behavior during those 31 days that she didn’t report Caylee missing. Is this a legitimate excuse for how she acted? I should think not.

Ann Finnel presented questions to the prospective jurors asking whether the assertion her client came from a dysfunctional family might factor into their penalty decision. “Lack of parental guidance. Mother and Father failed to protect her as a child,” said Finnel as she spoke of mitigating circumstances to Judge Perry. “The fact that she was verbally and emotionally abused as a child. She was taught poor coping and has poor coping skills by normal standards.”

Finnel went on to say, “She was taught to project false appearance. She was used as a decoy or pawn by her parents and a scapegoat for parental misconduct.”

Does any of this matter at this point? Are they seriously going to try to use all this to get their client set free? Does anyone actually believe these excuses? Why should anyone believe a word Casey Anthony says after all the lies she has told from the beginning.

I have never made it a secret about my feelings about the Anthony’s. Anyone that sells photos of their dead granddaughter for thousands of dollars and then takes a weekend cruise vacation, while they were months behind on the mortgage of their home and a numerous amount of other things such as lies and covering up evidence, doesn’t deserve much compassion to me. They inserted their faces and voices into the mainstream media and then complain about the publicity that the case has gotten.

Aside from all of that I honestly do not believe for one minute that Casey Anthony was ever sexually abused by anyone in her family. I think this is all a desperate plea to get her off the death penalty in the case that she is indeed found guilty. The Anthony’s might be a dysfunctional family, but I just can’t see that happening in that family.

Casey controls that family, even her own brother. The only reason they have not gotten her out of this one is simply because they can’t and she probably resents them for that. She hears about them being on the National news and she can’t stand it. She probably was mad about the cruise they all enjoyed while she sat behind bars.

When all of this is over, let’s pray that little Caylee gets some justice. She does deserve it. They all need to remember Caylee and forget about poor Casey. Casey has got this huge team working to protect her and she has her parents standing behind her. Caylee had no one to protect her. She is the one that everyone should be thinking about now. My prayers are with that thought. God bless little Caylee Marie Anthony.

Jan Barrett

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