caylee.jpgI guess I shouldn’t be surprised when I read about the Anthony’s once again thinking they should be treated different from everyone else. I personally am so tired of hearing their excuses as to why they should get special privileges. They have used the death of their precious granddaughter to get away with so many things since their spoiled daughter has been charged with the murder of Caylee Marie Anthony almost three years ago.

We have heard on numerous occasions about how hard this is for them. We have heard it said about the medication Cindy is on due to this case and how it causes memory loss and then we heard how new medicine is bringing her memory back. I guess it is a miracle drug she is taking. They should be using it on patients that actually do have a memory loss, not ones that only use that as an excuse to lie under oath.

They thought they should be allowed to be the only visitors at the Orange County jail to visit a prisoner without the visit being recorded, even though it was quite clear that the jailhouse policy is that ALL visits are recorded for prisoners, yet they thought they should be excused for that since they are going through such a hardship in their family. There is so many other occasions where they expected to be treated special but this one takes the cake.

Now George and Cindy Anthony’s attorney has filed a motion to allow them to attend the proceedings during the trial, even though they are on the prosecutions witness list. The motion claims that their constitutional rights will be prejudiced if they are excluded from what they call crucial proceedings.

The court has already ruled that they can attend the proceedings after they testify, not before, but their attorney is saying that is not good enough. He says in the motion that is simply not enough! The motion says victims of crimes, including the next of kin of homicide victims, have the right to be present to the extent that it does not interfere with the constitutional rights of the accused.

According to the Orlando Sentinel the motion says the rule of sequestration is designed to help ensure a fair trial by avoiding “the color of a witness’s testimony by that which he has heard from other witnesses who have preceded him on the stand.”

It also states that during previous invocation of the rule of sequestration, Casey Anthony has not made any request to exclude her parents from attending the hearing because of a prejudice to her.

I say enough is enough. This family has had too many exceptions. Cindy Anthony has lied numerous times under oath. Are we supposed to make an exception for her because of the trauma she has been going through and not hold her responsible for breaking the law? I think not. Cindy and George Anthony think they should be excused of everything they have done to cover up the murder of their granddaughter, Caylee. Well why should they be? A little girl has been murdered. Have they forgotten Caylee? They should be worried about what happened to Caylee.

I understand a mother’s undying love for her child but undying love also includes showing support for that child, not pretending that child did nothing wrong. I say this is why Casey Anthony is like she is now. She doesn’t care how many times she messes up, she knows Mother will be there to cover it up for her, just like for instance when Casey stole that money from her grandmother. How about when Casey stole money from them? Cindy has always been there to get Casey out of trouble and now she is still trying to prevent her from paying for the horrible crime she has committed, even if it is for killing her own granddaughter.

I do pray that Judge Perry does not permit this motion. They should only be allowed in the courtroom after they have finished testifying and not until then, just like every other citizen in our country. Why should they be any different?

Pray for justice for Caylee Marie Anthony!

Jan Barrett

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