caylee.jpgI am  sure most people know the name Caylee Marie Anthony, the two year old Orlando Florida girl that was murdered in June 2008. The ironic part of this case is the part where she had been missing for 30 days before she was finally reported to the authorities as missing and even then it was the grandmother that made that call. The mother claimed she was trying to locate the daughter on her own but there were a few problems with her explanation. Evidence shows where she was out partying in dance clubs with her friends and never once mentioned to anyone, not even her then boyfriend. She would always just tell someone when asked that Caylee was either with the nanny or with her grandparents. She was hardly portrayed as a distraught mother desperately trying to find her missing, presumed kidnapped daughter.

Casey was arrested in October of 2008 after a grand jury handed down an indictment against her for first degree murder and the state of Florida is asking for the death penalty. Caylee’s remains were finally found on December 11, 2008 in the woods dumped, as though she was yesterday’s trash, within walking distance of the Anthony family home in Orlando.

We have heard many different motions filed by the defense team since the case began. I reported before that to a lot of people the defense team has clearly made the case look like a big circus with Jose Baez, or as some refer to as “Bozo the clown” as the ring leader along with his sidekick Cheney Mason. The trial is scheduled to start in May which is closing in on them fast now

Now the word is that apparently Casey Anthony’s defense team could be in a little bit of trouble. They are being accused of misstating facts to the court. The Orlando Sentinel is reporting that a claim has been made in a letter to Judge Perry by a Knoxville, Tennessee based court reporting service that was hired to handle deposition transcripts.

Gerald Stogsdill wrote to Judge Perry on February 8 that a dispute over payment for deposition transcripts between his firm, Stogsdill Court Reporting Services and the defense team, Jose Baez and Cheney Mason.

“It obviously has been represented to Your Honor that my office had initially agreed to provide court reporting services at rates significantly lower than normal rates and then refused to honor the discounted rate and I believe the reason given the Court was my alleged claim that the job was difficult6 and took more time than expected,” said Stigsdill in the letter.

He goes on to say in the letter, “These statements are not true. I cannot ignore the attack on my integrity and reputation without responding.”

“Although it has been represented to the Court that I tricked Mr. Baez and Mr. Cheney, I believe that our court reporting services were obtained under false pretenses,” he said. “I would not have agreed to provide court reporting services under the substantially lower rates and terms established by the JAC guidelines.”

Mr. Stogsdill’s business has been operating for over 20 years now and has a reputation that is considered to be fair and ethical. He does feel he has been wrongly accused by the defense attorneys in the Casey Anthony case.

He has shown as proof to the court to support his complaint a series of emails between his office and the offices of both Baez and Cheney.

What’s up with this? Did they really think they could lie to the judge and get away with it? I was just thinking that if Cheney Mason had a reputable reputation before he got involved in this case he can almost be assured that Baez will be taking him down with him and he will lose everything.

Neither of the lawyers could be reached to make a comment on Monday.

So we have another laughable motion here as the defense is asking that the so-called smell of death in the car be excluded. How can anyone exclude the infamous 911 call made by Anthony’s mother when she reported Caylee Anthony, then 2 years old, missing. I am sure they do wish it could be left out. They know it can be quite damaging to their case.

The trial date is getting closer and closer although it is way overdo. I can’t wait for Caylee Marie Anthony to finally get some justice in all of this once the trial is over. The world awaits with me I am sure. Caylee we will never forget you and we will be praying for you to finally get this over with so you can rest in peace.

Let’s not forget the other children, missing, abused or murdered in this world. Haleigh Cummings and Adji Desir along with so many others are still missing but we still pray that one day they will soon be found and brought home. God bless all the children.

Jan Barrett

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