caylee.jpgI have been following this story since it first broke in July, 2008. I remember the caption that caught my attention that lead me to follow this case. The fact that it took the Anthony’s one whole month to even bother to report this little two year old child, Caylee Anthony, missing was very disturbing to me.

Caylee’s remains were found on December 11, 2008 and Casey’s defense attorney’s, a wannabe dream team, have been desperately trying to prove that when Texas Equusearch’s people were in Orlando searching for Caylee that they did not find Caylee when they searched that exact spot so that would mean that someone else placed her remains at that spot after their client had been arrested for first degree murder and has been behind bars ever since.

The defense team claimed they had a witness that signed a paper stating that while searching that area they did not find Caylee and that they in fact did search that particular area despite the fact that others stated clearly that the area was flooded with water at that time, making it impossible to see the body. Based on this so called witness, the defense says this would clear their client.

Well now it appears that the tables have been turned on the defense team. The witness that they were depending on has now admitted in a deposition that she doesn’t even know where the remains were and they may have only been within 35 feet of it when searching. Laura Buchanan signed a form for the defense team swearing that in her opinion Caylee’s remains were not there when they searched that area. She says now that she kept the Texas Equusearch form that she was suppose to turn in reporting her search, and then later altering it before turning it in.

Documents released show that Lauran Buchanan had been in contact with both Cindy Anthony and Jose Baez before Caylee’s remains were fouind and that in an email she even claimed she didn’t believe Casey was guilty of killing Caylee. Of course Cindy Anthony’s attorney, Mark Lippman claims that his client never made any contact with Buchanan. He claims that Buchanan was the one that contacted them first and had been hounding them.

Now investigators have launched a criminal tampering investigation against Buchanan to see if this was just her doing this on her own or if perhaps someone else had been a part of the whole scheme along with her. I mean is it me or is that everytime some kind of evidence pops up that had apparently been tampered with, Cindy Anthony’s name is always involved? And an even better question is that how many times can one person be involved in possible tampering of an ongoing investigation and not be charged for it? Sorry but using the grieving grandparent role doesn’t give her the right to break the law. On several occasions such as washing Casey’s clothes she found in Casey’s car because they had a foul odor to them and by deliberately giving authorities the wrong hairbrush when Caylee’s brush was specifically asked for. And like changing her story everytime you turn around because she realized she had said the wrong thing. Of course she would have to change it after saying something that could be damaging to her daughters case.

According to WESH News no one has been charged yet with tampering with evidence in this case but the investigation is still ongoing. Also they did try to contact Jose Baez for a comment yesterday but he did not return their call.

The next status hearing is to be held Friday at 1:30 pm Eastern time and WESH,com will be streaming the hearing live. has published a list with links to evidence that were released to the public on Friday, January 28, 2011, including emails, transcriptions of depositions and FBI reports on the diary Casey Anthony had that had an entry in it dated June 21 stating, “I have no regrets, just a bit worried” and ending with “just hope that it doesn’t change.”

The whole investigation is interesting. It is amazing what the ink on paper can tell you. WESH also reported that apparently this type of journal was a one time specialty item distributed solely to Dollar General Stores in 2004 so the claim that this entry was posted in June of 2003 would clearly be wrong. Also there appears to be indented sentence fragments from writings that Casey may have ripped out of the diary.

I know she claims she is innocent but how could anyone believe her after all this? I have to admit, it would be very hard for anyone to convince me of that one. Caylee deserves justice in this. She is the only victim in all this. Her life was taken from her before she even had a chance to begin living it. I pray she gets what she deserves so she can rest in peace.

So many innocent children are robbed of their life by people that they trust more than anyone else in the world. How can we teach to our children who they can trust and who they can’t when some can’t even trust their own parents? What is going to happen to the future of our world if we can’t stop this? We need stricter laws. Some don’t give this a second thought because they know most of the time they only get a slap on the wrist and sent home after being told not to do it again. Well that isn’t working. I say NO SECOND CHANCES for anyone harming or murdering a child. If they aren’t given the death penalty, they should never ever be released from prison again. They should never be set free to hurt or kill yet another innocent child. If the laws could be changed maybe people would think twice before risking it. Our children need help and protection. If we can’t give it to them, who can?

My prayers are with all the children like Caylee and let’s not forget the missing ones either like Adji Desir and Haleigh Cummings. Just because there have been no answers on these cases to find them doesn’t mean they should be forgotten. Please don’t give up on finding them. Like Caylee, they deserve better. The person/persons responsible for their disappearance should have to pay for it dearly. May God be with each of these children.

Jan Barrett

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