caylee.jpgNow does this really surprise anyone? It certainly doesn’t surprise me. Judge Belvin Perry, a much respected Judge too I might add, responded to a new motion filed from the Defense team that supposed to be defended their client, Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony is the mother from Orlando that is being accused of killing her then two year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony in June, 2008. Her remains were found stuffed inside a laundry bag and then inside a garbage bag and then thrown in the woods like she was just a bag of trash.

The new motion was filed by Cheney Mason. He claims that there are factual errors between testimony presented at hearing and the order denying motion to suppress statements made to law enforcement officers. You can read the defense’s new motion here.

It also was accusing the courts of not looking at the evidence from the hearing objectively and instead displaying a clear bias in explaining enforcement conduct.

I agree with what WFTV’s legal analyst Bill Shaefer:

The defense doesn’t get a ruling they like, what do they do? They attack the judge.

Legal Analyst for WKMG-Channel 6, Mark O’Mara talked about the defense accusing Judge Perry of being biased: 

If they truly believe he is biased, they should file the motion to recuse.

O’Mara says if they think he is biased but don’t have good facts to back it, they should not say it is. It would be improper.

In his response to the motion filed by Cheney, Judge Perry has denied it. You can read the order denying the motion for the rehearing here. It says: It is hereby ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that Defendant’s Motion for Rehearing is DENIED. No other motions for rehearing shall be considered.

There was a second new motion filed to for the court to reconsider the decision to let a plant expert testify. That expert says that root growth can help determine how long Caylee’s remains had actually been in the woods where she was found. This motion has also been rejected by Judge Perry.

What exactly is the defense team up to? Are they doing this to delay the trial? Or are they just crying because they didn’t get their way? It sounds to me like they are spoiled brats throwing temper tantrums because they aren’t getting their way. Are they trying to make Judge Perry so frustrated that he will step down from the case? If they are, I don’t see this happening. Judge Perry has a lot of tolerance and he is no fool. He can see right through what this defense team is trying to do.

Seems to me like ever since Baez brought, who he thought to be high and mighty powerful Cheney Mason on-board, things have really started going downhill for them. I wonder if he regrets that decision. It is going to be an interesting trial though. Baez and his wannabe dream team have their hands full. Defending a client that everyone is sure of that is guilty is a tough one, especially since all the evidence they have points directly to her and her alone.

In another matter involving the Anthony’s, rumor has it that HLN has some sort of special deal going with George and Cindy Anthony. Of course a HLN spokeswoman is denying this saying there has been no secret negotiations with the Anthony’s. Although it is only a rumor, could it be true? It has to make one wonder. I am sure enquiring minds would like to know.

The jury selection in the Anthony case is scheduled to begin on May 9, 2011. Will it go as scheduled or will they continue trying their tricks to delay the whole thing even longer? I guess we shall see in a little more than a month.

In the meantime they are due back in court for more pre-trial hearings at 8:30 Friday morning and possibly Saturday,

They need to remember who this is supposed to be about though. It is about little Caylee Marie Anthony. She was the victim here, not her mother and not her grandparents. She is the one that the prosecution is fighting so hard to get justice for. She deserves it too. I pray that justice will be served properly at the end of this trial.

We will be discussing this subject and also the Frye Hearings on our Sunday program March 27, 2011. The listen live link is here.

Jan Barrett

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