caylee.jpgIs the timing a coincident or are they asking for a mere $12,000 more in honor of the one year anniversary since their client, the wannabe princess, had been declared indigent?

On March 10, 2010 Casey Anthony was declared indigent by Orange County Clerk of Court Lydia Gardner. Once a judge approved of the declaration it made the defense team eligible to be funded by taxpayers and they are being paid by a state agency.

After spending more than $80,000 of the taxpayers money already, Jose (Bozo) Baez claims he has no choice but to ask the courts for more investigative hours which would equal to 300 more hours at the rate of $40 per hour.

I am more than sure that this is not making too many of Florida’s citizens happy. I still don’t understand why this case is any different from any other case where the client has been declared indigent. If Bozo gets this the taxpayers will have spent over $91,000 just on this case, plus the $275,000 that the defense had already spent on the case before she was declared indigent.

The figures reported that has been reimbursed by the JAC to the defense team is $49,300 with another $31,281 still pending. This amount of money would buy me a nice car or it would feed us for four or five years or more. I would imagine it could help feed a lot of the homeless people and help them get off the streets.

Also does anyone recognize the name Kiomarie Cruz? She was a friend of Casey Anthony’s when they were kids. On July 19, 2008 as she was being interviewed she pointed out to Deputy Sheriff Appling Wells as they were walking, a wooded area near the Hidden Oaks Elementary School, which was thick with vegetation saying it was a favorite hangout for her and Casey. She claimed it was a place where young people would go to have sex, drink and smoke marijuana.

Later in a deposition Wells stated that Cruz told him that is Casey Anthony had done anything to her daughter that was where she would have put her body. Five months later little Caylee’s remains were found about 350 yards from where Cruz claimed they use to hangout at.

This information could have really helped the prosecution with their case against Anthony that she had a history of doing clandestine things in the same wooded area and those in her past even predicted that she would put the baby there.

Unfortunately Cruz took it upon herself to sell her story to a tabloid possibly for as much as $20,000 which could damage her credibility. She is listed though as a potential witness for the state.

The friends Anthony once had seem to know her pretty good. For one to have guessed where the baby’s remains would end up just from knowing how Anthony is, would be a pretty good guess if you ask me.

The trial is scheduled to begin May 16 with the jury selection to begin on May 9th. A court administration spokeswoman has quoted a figure of $350,000 as the cost of sequestering jurors for the duration of Anthony’s trial, according to WESH Channel 2’s Bob Kealing.

I just want Caylee Anthony to get some justice in this. That little angel didn’t ask for this. She is the one that has suffered in all of this. Her life was taken from her before she was even given a chance to live it. She needs to be remembered here. What happened to her rights? Why should the one responsible for taking her life have any rights? I am sorry but I think if they took someone’s life away, then they need to be stripped of all of their rights as well. Caylee didn’t get any choices did she? Why have they all seemed to have forgotten what has happened to that child? Why does anyone care about making sure the one that took her little life away, gets a fair trial, that is costing the taxpayers, more money than I will ever have. So many questions…with so few answers!

My prayers are with Caylee. I pray she gets justice of some sort in all of this. She is the only one that matters in all of this. They need to remember what happened to her.

God bless you Caylee and all the other missing, murdered and abused children like Haleigh Cummings, Adji Desir and even the adults like Zachary Pittman. It is a shame t6hat there are so many out there.

Jan Barrett

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