There are many people this evening asking that question. What did happen today on the 23rd floor of the Orlando Court House.

It is very rare that I call a halt to a radio program, but I did indeed do that today. At about the 30 minute mark my guest Orlando Magazine Journalist Dave Knechel exclaimed ‘Gotta go, there is a verdict’. Seconds later HLN and WFTV were saying the same thing. You can catch our conversation here.

So, after three years of investigation, and six weeks of trial, what would the jury decide?

I am still in shock, here are the results.

I talked to Dave Knechel about 30 minutes after this drama unfolded. He was in the court room. As the verdicts were read:

There was a stunned silence

The jury found Casey Anthony Not Guilty on all of the major charges. This is shades of OJ Simpson!

The four minor charges that the jury did give a guilty verdict on, are just that, minor. Each carries a maximum of one year. Play it as hard as you want, with time served, and time off for being a good prisoner, she will be out in a few months. In fact she may be out by this weekend.

She will be able to resume her life with all of her imaginary friends. She will be able to resume her imaginary job at Universal Studio’s. Even better, she will no require an imaginary nanny.

Has Casey Anthony beaten the system? Not so fast!

She still has to deal with the civil law suit brought by the real Zenaida. I hear you say, so what? Well there is a big ‘so what’. Casey Anthony may be broke right now, but Books, Movies, and Interviews could make her quite rich. Should this civil trial go south, it will be a replay of OJ Simpson and ‘if I Did It‘.

Actually there are some other people that might have a bit of a beef with Casey Anthony. These folks could also attach themselves firmly to her bank account.

As soon as Casey Anthony walks out of the jail, watch the civil suits fly.

There is also the question of where Casey might live. She will have to do some real groveling to be permitted back in her parents home. I am sure that Tony Lazaro has no interest, Amy Huizinger would need to buy a lock box for her check book, and I seriously doubt that the Grund family would entertain her with open arms.

In some ways Casey Anthony and her team have won a very hollow victory. Who is going to employ Casey? Would you?

But this is true for several people featured in this trial. Celeb status lasts only so long, who is going to employ George and Cindy Anthony? Who is going to employ Roy Kronk?

I am not sure that I should share this, but I will. Jessie Grund is a nice young man, his father Richard Grund is a thoughtful and caring man. Jessie lost his job over his involvement in this case. Jessie did nothing wrong, he loved Casey and Caylee. Father Richard Grund also came under attack. The National Inquirer obviously did not have enough Elvis, UFO, or pictures of some politicians naughty bits, so they went after Richard Grund.

It does not matter how you ‘slice it and dice it’ lives have been changed.

It is almost as if, if you see something, keep your mouth closed. Nothing good can come from telling the truth!

Simon Barrett

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