Yesterday June 19 we ran our now regular radio program about the latest developments in the Casey Anthony trial. The panel consisted of Simon and Jan Barrett, veteran trial lawyer Mannie Barling, crime writer and investigator Denny Griffin, Orlando Magazine journalist Dave Knechel, and bail bondsman William Cobra Staubs.

I was expecting some fireworks, and I was not disappointed. The panel believe it or not is carefully selected for their diversity of opinions. If we all agreed with each other it would make for a pretty tedious two hours of program.

A lot happened last week in the Casey Anthony trial, the prosecution wrapped up their version of events, and the defense took over on Thursday morning. By the end of the court session on Saturday one thing was abundantly clear, the prosecution team of Jeff Ashton and Linda Drain Burdick were well prepared, and ‘loaded for bear’.

In some ways Saturday was probably a sad day for Jeff Ashton. I am sure that he took little pleasure in systematically disassembling the well respected Dr. Werner Spitz. However it was a needed move. In someways it can be argued that the annihilation of Spitz was actually caused by Jose Baez. Baez hung his own expert witness out to dry by not providing him with the entire evidence. Rather, he shared only that evidence that he assumed would be helpful for the defense case. Dr. Spitz was made to look like a fool. For a man of Dr. Spitz’s stature in the scientific world to be put in such a position is unconscionable. Jose Baez did his client Casey Anthony a great disservice. He also likely harmed his own career. The scientific community is a small one, and in the future should Jose Baez seek ‘experts’ to testify, he may find them hard to come by.

There was a comment made by Judge Perry at the beginning of the trial, I may not have the quote exact but it was “I will not have my jury treated like Pop Tarts”. His message was simple. he did not want them being sent out of the court room every 15 minutes, because of legal misadventures by either the defense or prosecution. Unfortunately the jury did indeed become ‘Pop Tarts’ starting on Thursday.

Equally disturbing were the number of lengthy side bars held. At this rate Judge Perry should have his court room remodeled, get rid of the Side Bar and install a full wet bar!

If you missed the broadcast, you can listen to the recording here.

After the Dr. Spitz disaster I eagerly waited for court to resume at 9am Monday. Baez had had a day and a half to regroup, where would he go next?

Well the answer is that it went downhill faster than a freight train with no brakes. Judge Perry is not a man to be trifled with. And it was clearly a very grumpy Judge that took his seat this morning.

It took less than a minute to get Judge Perry on the offensive. While most of the venom was pointed at Jose Baez he also gave Jeff Ashton a couple of shots across the bow.

In sheer exasperation he asked both attorney’s to tell him what time the clock on the wall had, Jeff Ashton said 9:25, Jose Baez said 9:26. This nothing to improve Judge Perry’s mood “you cannot agree on anything’.

This exchange had been outside of the jury who were waiting in another room to be called. At this point Judge Perry called a one hour recess. I suspect that he did this to get an assistant to run out and buy a big bottle of Tums.

Jan has her own theory about today, you can read it here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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