Todays activities in the Casey Anthony Trial have everyone scratching their heads. Judge Perry has been railing on both the defense and prosecution to move this trial along. To facilitate this he scheduled a longer than normal Saturday session. But it did not happen.

The court day was over before it even started. Judge Perry calmly announced that a legal issue had arisen and that the court would reconvene at 8:30am on Monday.

What might the issue be? The simple answer is that we do not know. However, it is possible to make some observations. Judge Perry tends to not let brick walls get in his way. If there is a problem with a witness, he will he will schedule the attorneys to bicker either at the lunch break, or after court has recesed for the day. We are all familiar with Judge Perry and his favorite statement:

Call your next witness

However something seriously derailed the Judge Perry freight train today. It could not have been a single witness problem, it had to be something more substantial.

This had to be something with potentially huge consequences. BNN’s good friend Dave Knechel was in the court as this all unfolded. The TV and internet coverage is great, but nothing beats having a couple of real eye-balls in the room. I hope that Dave will share his observations with us tomorrow on the radio.

My wife Jan and I were out for a good deal of today, but when we returned our emails were crammed with questions and ideas. Cobra is convinced that Monday will see a mistrial declared, Denny Griffin, while not as certain as Cobra, feels that whatever is going on is more serious than the Judge just needing a break.

Join us tomorrow and hear what the panel has to say. To listen live use this link.

Simon Barrett

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