Today heralded the day that Jose Baez took control of the reins in the Casey Anthony trial. The prosecution has rested their case. Now it was time for Baez to come out ‘swinging’.

In his opening statement he spun an interesting story. It was full of vitriol and venom. He assured the jury that he would show them the truth! This truth included sexual abuse by father George Anthony and possibly also by Casey’s brother Lee Anthony. The ‘morally corrupt’ meter reader Roy Kronk also was a key player, Mr. Baez entreated.

It sounded good.

The question I have been asking myself was how would Jose Baez come bursting out of the starting blocks? There was no obvious starting point, and my guess was that neither did he.

Today saw a BOMBSHELL turn into a soggy firework that would not ignite.

Having teased the jury with salacious stories they were ready and able to hear the defense Jose Baez started off with a yawner of a day. As I suspected, his only real opening move was to attack the ‘junk science’. How well did he do? Of course I am not part of the jury, so I have no idea what they made of today’s spectacle, personally I viewed it as another attempt by the defense to throw mud balls at the wall and hope that something sticks.

It was curious to read what other trial watchers made of today’s events. Some analysts claimed Baez did quite well. According to Hal Boedeker of the Orlando Sentinel:

WESH’s Bob Kealing said that Baez “slowly made his points” by stressing holes in the state’s forensics case. WESH legal analyst Richard Hornsby also said Baez did “very well” in showing that a top FBI lab had contaminated a piece of evidence even when following the protocols.

I personally disagree, I thought it was a very ho hum day for the Casey Anthony defense team.

One also has to bear in mind that an Opening Statement is some what akin to a advert on TV for an upcoming movie.  A 90 second preview of a 90 minute epic. How many times have you seen these ads and been disappointed with the movie? Is that what we have here? Is Jose Baez selling us a dud?

Jan brought up an interesting comment, today is June/16. You can read her thoughts here.

It is ironic, the 16th of June is a date that has great significance to me from my early years. In my mind it was always the Glorious 16th.

Will Jose Baez hold good on this Opening Statement? Will he put Casey Anthony on the stand?

Simon Barrett

On a lighter note. An author friend of mine Gaston Delesdandroux has been following this trial for some time. He has put me in the awkward position of having one paperback and two Kindle versions of his new book An Americans Story to give away to readers of BNN that are following this case.

So here is the deal, the first three people that can tell me why I say the Glorious 16 of June, win.

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