We will be running our regular update on the Casey Anthony trial at 4:00pm eastern on Sunday Jun/19.

It has been another interesting week. The prosecution very much played a text book presentation. Keep it short, and keep it moving. I liked the method used, they played the time line. I do however feel that they were missing the ‘smoking gun’. The Tattoo Artist as the final witness was powerful, but there was no-one to join all of the dots together.

Do not get me wrong here, I do think that the prosecution has the right person.However I base that on hundreds of hours of plodding through court documents and watching many hours of video tapes.

The jury is in a different position, they ‘supposedly’ know almost nothing about the case. They must make decisions based only on the evidence presented.

In my opinion they did a pretty decent job. However, there are some holes. They are seeking the ultimate sanction, the death penalty. To achieve this you need the T’s crossed and The I’s dotted.

I am sure that this will inflame many readers, but..

The prosecution did not actually mention a place of death, nor mention of method. Certainly it can be inferred that chloroform was involved, But where did it happen? Possibly the bigger question is why did it happen?

Another question that is bothering me was the prosecution called everyone and the dog to the stand, except for two people. One would have thought that to introduce the subject of the ‘remains’, they would have invited Roy Kronk. Lets face it, he was the Meter Reader who found them. Of course one can take the stance of ‘Roy Kronk is a morally corrupt individual’. I might not have the quote word for word, but it is very close to those that Jose Baez used in his opening statement.

The second person missing from the prosecution’s presentation was boy friend Jessie Grund.

Both are on the defense ‘Victim list’ Both may well offer great information. Unlike other news organizations I have not ‘hounded’ either of them. Mr. Kronk is a gentleman that I have never talked to. For that matter, I have never talked to Jessie Grund either. I have talked to Jessie’s father, Richard Grund a few times, and unlike the picture that the National Inquirer would have us believe, he is a very nice and intelligent man. I am sure that his son is the same way.

On Thursday Jose Baez took over control of the presentation of information to the jury. His initial attack has been at the ‘all science is junk’ line. Personally I am not sure that he has done well.

Join us Sunday and listen to what the team has to say. The link is here.

Simon Barrett

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