We will be running our regular program on Sunday July/3, we have it scheduled for 4pm eastern. However, it is possible that we may slip the start time depending on what happens during closing arguments tomorrow.

The panel has been watching this case for almost three years. There is no way that we would schedule a program while the court is in session.

The link to listen in live is here. If we do need to change the time of the broadcast we will let you know.

I am not a fan of Twitter, in my mind it is a truly pointless waste of time, however it might be worth following @Bloggernews tomorrow. If there is a change in the schedule I’ll get some Twit to Tweet it on Twitter!

What is going to happen tomorrow in court? No one knows. I have some theories, your can read them here. There is also an article that Jan put up that is very thought provoking. How far would you go to save your child or grandchild? Give it a read.

One way or another we will have a program tomorrow. Please join us. Once again the Listen Live link is here.

Oh, and unlike other media, we DO NOT break into commercials while we are on the air.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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