The past week in the Casey Anthony trial has been one full of drama. Judge Perry has for the most part kept his cool and maintained a steady course for the good ship Casey Anthony. Although a few icebergs have been spotted, he has skillfully avoided them.

Today Jan and Simon Barrett were joined by the panel to discuss the events of last week, and also cast a glimpse into the crystal ball of what may lay ahead.

Our panel consisted of Crimewire founder Denny Griffin, journalist and contributor to Orlando Magazine Dave Knechel, prominent Hollywood attorney, and health researcher Mannie Barling, and Bail Bondsman William Cobra Staubs.

It was to say the least an illuminating program. Diverse skill sets brought together with a common focus. This blend is sadly missing in many of the (and I will quote, all parties involved) ‘entertainment programs’ put out by supposed news luminaries such as Nancy Grace on HLN.

If you missed the live broadcast you can listen to the recording here.

Much is misunderstood about the judicial system, and many people have offered commentary on both the Casey Anthony trial and the many other sad situations that are wending their way through the process.

One thing is for sure, Judge Perry will keep this trial on track. In someways he reminds me of the monster at the very end of the original Mario Brothers game, Bowser was damn hard to get past. Like Bowser Judge Perry understands his kingdom, it takes a lot to get something past him. Next week should be very interesting.

There were two important items that we just had no time to mention on the program. WFTV and particularly the two gentlemen running the web site  Craig and Bruce are doing an outstanding job. Over 18,000 people watching, and over 3000 people commenting! What a nightmare. Apparently the comment traffic reached a peak of two per second! Kudos to these two people, you are doing a great job of covering the Casey Anthony trial.

The second item has nothing at all to do with Casey Anthony. But it provides a very worrisome backdrop to child abuse in today’s society. We are not ‘shock jocks’, but I do ask that if you do not like to read disturbing articles please do not read this. Jan had tears running down her face as she related the story to me.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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