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It has been a very busy week in the jury selection process for the Casey Anthony trial. Clearly the pace at with voir dire is moving along is not making Judge Perry a very happy man. His time line of events is becoming increasingly more unlikely. The chances of the trial beginning on schedule (May/17) is almost ‘mission impossible’.

With only half of the main panel of 12 sort of found, it will be interesting to see how the rest of today and Saturday pans out.

One perspective juror found himself in hot water for blatantly disregarding Judge Perry and sought out a reporter to talk to. That resulted in a $450 contempt charge and dismissal.

Over two hours were spent this morning (Friday) on a single juror, who, as it turned out had been somewhat less than truthful in filling out his jury questionnaire. Judge Perry refused to disqualify on the grounds of Cause, and Jose Baez was forced to use one of his peremptory strikes, One down, two to go. However there is another juror that Baez is unhappy with, and may well be strike number two later.

This mornings strike was an interesting affair to watch unfold. Baez managed to back himself into a corner by being somewhat hostile in his questions. When neither the Judge nor prosecution came to his aid he was faced with a huge dilemma. To not axe the juror would mean that a potentially defense hostile gentleman would be empaneled. A defense nightmare!

I also think, and I will be asking the radio panel, that this round of voir dire is revealing a great deal about the defense trial strategy. Is Baez going to use the PTSD argument for the fact that Casey Anthony failed to report her daughter Caylee Anthony missing?

Voir Dire in a death penalty case is a tricky process. As Judge Perry explains to each potential juror, the death penalty only comes into play if the defendant Casey Anthony is found guilty. However if you you listen to the tone set by the defense it is one of not ‘if’ but ‘when’ Casey Anthony is found guilty.

I am also amazed by the lack of knowledge about the case that these jurors claim to have. I realize that my situation is a little different from most people. I am a news hound. Partly because of my occupation, and partly from a general knowledge stand point, I like to keep up with what is going on in the world. I am quite frankly incredulous that anyone can not have heard of the Casey Anthony story.

A line of questioning that has been taken with every potential juror has been to ask if they had seen any of the attorneys on TV? For sure, even I could honestly say that other than the odd video clip of the prosecution team ignoring the press, I have not seen them on TV.

The defense on the other hand have been on just about every channel on the TV. In fact I am certain that if asked they would appear on South Park or The Simpsons!

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Simon and Jan Barrett

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