BNN continued our ongoing coverage of the Casey Anthony trial on Sunday May/15. The panel consisted of Simon and Jan Barrett, Bail Bondsman William Cobra Staubs, Orlando Magazine contributor Dave Knechel, and Statement Analysis guru Peter Hyatt.

Last week saw a pivotal point in the trial, the process of Jury Selection began. I think it is fair to say that while the process seemed to move at a snails pace there was still much drama to be found.

Although the panel are all very smart people none of us has any ‘formal’ training of the law. To rectify this situation I invited a special guest to join us. Mannie Barling has been a Trial Attorney for some 35 years, splitting his time between both Civil and Criminal cases. I think it is fair to say that ‘he has no dog in this fight’, he is a mere observer rather than a ‘talking head’ on one of the cable news networks.

I think that the entire panel and our listeners learned a great deal on the program. A common misconception is that the legal system is cast in stone, it is not, it is a very fluid entity. The Judge is often referred to as being nothing more than a referee of a sporting event, he is not, he has great latitude in determining the rules for any particular situation.

My wife and I know Mannie quite well, and we assumed that with his background he would automatically take a pro defense posture. In fact earlier in the day Jan and I were discussing the program and she pointed out that friend or no friend, Mannie was going to get a good tongue lashing if he came out defending Jose Baez and Cheney Mason.

Mannie surprised us both, he had no position to take with either the prosecution nor the defense. And on the subject of Judge Perry, he had nothing but praise for his handling of the trial so far.

Many members of the press and trial watchers have expressed opinions about Judge Perry being in a rush to complete the voir dire (Jury Selection) and it being a potential minefield in the event of an appeal. Not so said Mannie, in fact he expressed surprise that Judge Perry had permitted the process to creep along as slowly as it has.

If you missed our original broadcast of the program you can listen to the recording here. There were no ‘Bombshells’ or ‘Exclusives’ but it certainly is jam packed with information that casts a great deal of light both on the legal system itself, and the dynamics of the Casey Anthony trial in particular.

After the program I spoke to Mannie, it was an interesting conversation. Probably one that deserves a story all by itself!

Simon and Jan Barrett

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