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It has been an interesting and yet confusing week in the courtroom. At the beginning of the proceedings he explained that he was not about to see the jury treated like ‘pop tarts’. They would not be ‘popping in’ and ‘popping out’. Well that has been one area where the Judge was mistaken. His courtroom has become ‘pop tart’ central.

Even worse, Jose Baez and his team are giving the witnesses the Pop Tart treatment. They ‘pop in’ for a question or two, then ‘pop out’. It is doubtful that Judge Perry is very happy with this approach.

It looked as if the Defense were ready to start presenting a real defense on Thursday and most of Friday. Finally a story might unfold. Of course that did not happen in an effective way.

I have no idea if the Guinness Book Of Records has an entry for most objections and Side Bars in a single day of a trial, but today would be a contender. A single Side Bar today clocked in at a jury numbing 22 minutes.

Even the most casual observer of this trial has spotted the hostility level between Jose Baez and Jeff Ashton. As Judge Perry pointed out earlier in the week, they can’t even agree on the time displayed on the court clock!

This opens a bigger question. Is this hostility helping either side?

Join us on Sunday when we will hash the events out. The panel will be Simon and Jan Barrett, crime writer Denny Griffin, Orlando Magazine journalist Dave Knechel, veteran trial lawyer Mannie Barling, Bail Bondsman William Cobra Staubs, and maybe a guest, for now I will just call him Gaston.

The link to listen live is here.

Simon Barrett

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