Generally our weekly program is more focused on recapping the prior weeks activity rather than playing the ‘BOMBSHELL’ aspect. However with little prep time we did indeed have to deal with some unfolding news.

Judge Belvin Perry had made it crystal clear that the press should not use images of the remains of Caylee Anthony unless ‘blurred or pixilated’. Of course this request was completely ignored by none other that Geraldo Rivera of Fox News.

Soon after that, scuttlebutt site decided to up the ante by publishing photos of the bones.

Going directly against a judge is generally not a good move. Right now I suspect that Judge Perry is considering his options for vengeance. One that springs to mind is his ability to remove press credentials for Fox and their affiliates.

There is little that the judge can do about The Examiner, but I would suspect that reporter Cindy Adams might have some issues if she attempts to gain access to the court room.

My prediction is that the trial jury will be cooling their heels at 9am tomorrow. Judge Perry is going to have some harsh words to share with the press corp, and everyone else in the court room.

Our panelist Dave Knechel who has press credentials and indeed has sat through the vast majority of the trial offered a few additional facts that the average person would be unaware of. The fire storm actually started on Friday. Pool images that should have been blurred out were loaded to a password protected site, accessible only to the credentialed media.

In actual fact the leak of the photo’s is not relevant, the jury has already seen them. But the bigger issue is the Media directly ignoring the judges wishes.

Todays panel consisted of Simon and Jan Barrett, Orlando Magazine journalist Dave Knechel, well known Attorney Mannie Barling, crime writer Denny Griffin, and Bail Bondsman William Cobra Staubs.

Bonegate while interesting, was only one of the topics touched on. Dr G managed in just a few minutes to make defense attorney Cheney Mason wish he had loss the toss on who was going to have to deal with this witness. Things got so ugly that Mason was essentially objecting to himself!

Baez fared little better with the ‘canned air’ fiasco. He seemed hell bent on treading on the land mine, but a side bar suddenly changed his attitude, I have no idea if it was the judge, or the prosecution that explained the land mine, but it had the desired effect.

If you missed todays program you can find the recording in its entity here. All of our programs are also available as a free download on iTunes. Please don’t ask for instructions as I am the proud owner of no iThings, so I have no iClue.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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