There is little doubt in my mind that the State got off to a very strong start. Linda Drain-Burdick gave a 150 minute introduction to the case, and the evidence that would be presented. A good deal of those 150 minutes was spent walking the jury through the day by day activities of Casey Anthony during the mysterious 31 days that Caylee Anthony was missing, yet not reported as such.

Linda Drain-Burdick layed out the many lies told by Casey Anthony both to her parents and also her friends during this period of time.

Watching the live video feed it was clear that neither Casey Anthony nor her defense team were enjoying the dissertation. Gone was the smirk from Jose Baez’s face, gone was the arrogance that Cheney Mason uses as his calling card, and Casey Anthony seemed to be visibly growing smaller in her chair.

In the audience were George and Cindy Anthony, they were surprisingly well behaved, apart from a couple of issues. Cindy had opted to try for some sympathy by bringing a teddy bear in. Needless to say she was disarmed quickly by the court bailiffs. She also spent the morning making copious notes about what was being said. Why?

I am sure I am not alone in wondering the reason.

This afternoon we will get to hear the defense offer their arguments, can they explain those missing 31 days in the promised 3 minutes? I am waiting with baited breath.

Simon Barrett

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