Three years of preparation by both the Defense and Prosecution teams really boiled down to just four hours of summation by each side. Many thousands of man hours and who knows how many dollars later, it all just comes down to  these two presentations.

The case is now in the hands of the jury. Twelve men and women, people just like you and I must decide the fate of Casey Anthony. This is a huge task, and probably the hardest decision any of these twelve people have every made in their lives. If found guilty they must then make an even harder decision, should Casey Anthony face the ultimate sanction? Should she forfeit her life?

It is easy to ‘wax lyrical’ on the subject of the death penalty. Some people are pro and others are against it. But this is ‘water cooler’ talk. It becomes a far different thing when you are one of those twelve people that must vote for the ultimate sanction. This is a choice that those jurors must live with for the rest of their life.

There are many arguments about the death penalty. A common one is that if the person is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, they should be put to death, it is cheaper to kill someone than keep them in jail for the rest of the natural life. This unfortunately is not true. Death Row is an expense route. The appeals last for generally 10 to 20 years, and usually funded by the Tax Payer. And as the appeal process winds it’s way through the court system, the expense escalates in almost an exponential fashion. Death does not come cheap!

The anti death penalty group like to use the argument that once the sentence is carried out it cannot be reversed. What if new evidence proves that the person did not commit the crime?

Before I get slammed by readers, I do believe that Casey Anthony is guilty. However, the prosecution case is a circumstantial one, a very strong case, but still circumstantial. No one saw Casey Anthony commit the crime. Much has been made of the Chloroform searches, and the scientific findings of Chloroform in the trunk of the car. But where did she get it from? As best I know, you can hardly walk into your local supermarket and ask ‘Which aisle has the Chloroform’? Of course the ingredients for Chloroform are easily available, but where did she get them from? Her face has been plastered all over the Orlando press for three years. Yet no one from the retail industry has stepped forward and made the claim that they remember her buying the raw materials. There is also the question of when and where did she concoct this witches brew?

There is no doubt that Casey Anthony is guilty, but any sensible juror does need to consider this unasked question. The prosecution did nothing to explain it, and the defense did nothing to refute it.

Another curious and unasked question concerns Caylee Anthony prior to June/16. Both George and Cindy had full time jobs, and supposedly Casey also was gainfully employed. Where was Caylee during this time? Who was looking after her? Did Casey get up every morning, have breakfast and take Caylee with her? Where did they go? What did they do?

Yes, I am Nit Picking, but these are unanswered questions.

There is also the money question. Although it was mostly concealed from the jury, the defense did stand on a couple of land mines in this area. Did the jury pick up on that?

Friend Amy lost a few checks, but apparently Mother Cindy and Grandma lost ‘hundreds of checks’. Obviously we are not dealing with a $5 bill disappearing mysteriously from your wallet, we are talking much larger sums. Casey needed clothes, she needed ‘walking around’ money. She had bills to pay. Gas to buy. So the larger question is why did it take until July 15th 2008 for the house of cards to collapse?

Why didn’t George or Cindy Anthony call her out?

The evidence produced by the State is compelling, but if I was a juror I would have to weigh the evidence that was not produced.

There is little doubt that the gamesmanship between Jeff Ashton and Jose Baez has also been picked up on. I have to admit that Jeff Ashton was the loser in yesterdays exchange. Jan has an article. It was an unfortunate mistake by Jeff Ashton. But, if you watched the court video today, what did you see? An arrogant and smirking Jose Baez! His actions were just as egregious as anything that Jeff Ashton has done. Ashton smirks once and gets slapped, Baez and Mason smirk all the time and nothing is said.

For now the court room antics are over, the jury must decide the fate of Casey Anthony. How long will they deliberate? That is a huge unknown. These 12 people have much to consider, some of it outside of the evidence presented. There are moral, personal, social and even economic issues that are unique to each person. Judge Perry has done a great job of shielding these people from the media spotlight, but that protection will come to a rapid end once they deliver the verdict.

Simon Barrett

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