It was with great interest that I watched the prosecution present the cadaver dog evidence. One thing became crystal clear, these highly trained dogs do not make mistakes. If they alert to the smell of human decomposition, they are serious. Everything is meticulously documented.

I have no personal experience with cadaver dogs, but I have been around other service dogs. They are just as dedicated, and just as careful. Several years ago I was talking to a gentleman with a seeing eye dog. The dog had been given the ‘off duty’ command and was laying on the ground. Someone with obviously sight problems of his own failed to notice the presence of a huge German Shepard and stood on one of its paws. I watched in amazement as the dog did nothing more than whimper. This is not the usual dog response! Most want to extract some form of retribution.  Most don’t carry guns or knives, but they have a mean set of teeth.

The ‘dog’ testimony in the Casey Anthony trial cuts two ways. And the more I think about it, the less certain I become about deciding if the defense or prosecution won.

In some ways the dog testimony played well for the defense. It could be suggested that Caylee Anthony did indeed drown in the family swimming pool. If the body was fished out shortly after the event any trace of decomposition would be very hard to find. Is it possible that Caylee was scooped out and put on the ground a few feet away? Yes it is.

However we must also consider the other (often contradictory) evidence that has been presented. Why the Duct tape? Why the chloroform? Why the hoopla?

It is a sad statistic, but young children drown in swimming pools and bath tubs all too often.

If it was simple case of accidental drowning, why has it taken almost three years for Casey Anthony to get her day in court?

Why didn’t the defense team led by Jose Baez explain this fact two years ago? I am not a legal expert, but it seems to me that constructing a convoluted story over an accident is pretty stupid.

Had Casey just called 911 at the time she likely would have received nothing more than a good ear bashing from a judge. Now she faces the Death Penalty.

The problem that the jury faces is determining what is real and what is Memorex. A good example of the quandary can be found in this article.

Simon Barrett

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