It is becoming obvious that Jose Baez is determined to run down the Game Clock. My wife Jan and I have followed this case for almost three years and there is no way that we are going on-air today if the closing arguments are still going on. I have talked to our panel and the the plan is to slip our studio time until they are complete.

Our program is currently scheduled for 4pm eastern, and at 3pm eastern I will make the call to slip it by one hour and continue to do so every hour until the court has adjourned for the day. I have created a temporary link on the main page (right side) showing our projected air time, I will update it hourly.

Is Baez making progress? Has Ashton hammered the States case home? We will be examining these, and other aspects of the case.

UPDATE: @3pm eastern – It is obvious that the Defense want to run the clock. Program shunted to 6pm Eastern

Simon Barrett

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