Today was an interesting day in the soap opera many have come to know as the Casey Anthony trial. The defense team have tried just about every trick in the book to discredit the science evidence, and about the only tangible result has been the discrediting of their own witnesses. It has reached such a cecendo that I am somewhat surprised that Judge Perry has not admonished Jose Baez ‘Mr Baez the court room only has room for one elephant at a time’.

Today saw a change in the Baez game. Temporarily he scooted from the nemesis of science and called Cindy Anthony to the stand. The timing of this move was interesting. Cindy and George Anthony had once more hit the national press as a result of some comments made by attorney Mark Lipton. You can find Jan’s article on the subject here.

Cindy Anthony took the stand and explained that although her work records reflected that she was indeed at work, in actual fact she could well have been at home performing the computer searches for Chloroform. In fact if we are to believe Cindy Anthony it was all Google’s fault! One can only assume that at some point Jose Baez will put a Google server rack on the stand to explain all of this!

Both Cindy and George Anthony have said on numerous occasions that they will do whatever they can to help their daughter Casey Anthony. I for one can not fault them, they have lost a grand daughter, and now face the possibility of losing a daughter. It would take an extraordinary situation for a family to do otherwise. In a huge ‘elephant in the room moment’ the subject of Google searches changed to mentions about the Bad Checks issue. The last thing in the world the defense wants is the fact that Casey Anthony is already a convicted felon to reach the ears of the jury.

The prosecution could have given Cindy Anthony a rough time in ‘cross’, but in reality let her off easy.

Baez running on the crest of a wave decided to use Cindy Anthony as a doorway into the arena of Computer Forensics. I don’t know squat about Gas Chromatography, but I do know Computer Forensics. I have been patiently waiting for one question on this subject, in fact I had expected it to rear its ugly head long before today. Baez has made much of the fact that the computer history shows that only a few seconds were spent on any specific site. but that is not the real story. The browser used on the Anthony computer was a version of Firefox that supported a function known as tabbing. You can have (in my case) many web sites open. The history file may show that I was on a site for 10 seconds but in reality I was there for hours. The history log only shows when it started, not when it ended.

Some members of the press are making much out of Cindy Anthony’s excursion to the stand today. I am sure that in approximately 45 minutes we will hear ‘BOMBSHELL’ from Nancy Grace, but in reality the defense scored a very, very limited advance in their case. It is my guess that a huge ‘smack down’ will arrive tomorrow.

Simon Barrett

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