It was an interesting week in the Casey Anthony trial, and an equally interesting radio program today.

Jan and Simon Barrett were joined by veteran trial lawyer Mannie Barling, Crime Doctor Denny Griffin, Orlando Magazine journalist Dave Knechel, Statement Analysis guru Peter Hyatt and our resident trouble maker, Bail Bondsman William Cobra Staubs.

It had been a stormy week in Judge Perry’s courtroom, one that I doubt the judge enjoyed very much. However Judge Perry is a seasoned veteran, he hardly fell off the turnip truck last night. He is very good at spotting BS when he sees it. Generally he stops issues before they start. To mess with Judge Perry is a huge mistake.

The Judge Perry freight train does not stop easily. But on Saturday morning someone applied the emergency brake! What was supposed to be a full court day was shortened to 45 minutes of… no one knows.

He called a halt to deal with a ‘legal issue’, one that would prevent any testimony that day even though there were apparently 6 defense witnesses in the hall waiting to take the stand. This obviously was no simple problem with a single witness, this was a much more serious issue.

Speculation from the ‘talking Heads’ on TV seemed to range from Judge Perry’s favorite watering hole might be running an all day ‘Happy Hour’ to Orlando facing an imminent UFO invasion. OK, I am joking. However I am not joking when I say that it take a great deal to derail the Perry Freight Train. Theories abound, but they are only that. The only real conclusion is that whatever the issue was, it is so serious that Judge Perry was compelled to bring the trial to a screeching halt.

The Emergency Brake was applied by Cheney Mason, but the reason why is very unclear. A juror issue seems unlikely, an illness seems unlikely, witness tampering generally only happens in Mob trials, so we are left with very few options. Some egregious professional misconduct is a possibility, but what could it be? Casey Anthony firing one of the attorneys has also been mentioned, again this does not seem to fit the facts.

If you missed todays program you can find the recording here.

One thing is clear, I am going to have to drag my bones out of bed early tomorrow to watch how this all plays out.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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