It was with shock and disbelief that I read an article from some no-name organization The Student Operated Press that clearly has absolutely no clue about the Casey Anthony trial. Even worse, some idiot has managed to get the site recognized by Google News!

The story told by John G. Kays in this article is about as far fetched from reality as Charles Manson.

The author clearly did not watch the court proceedings on Saturday as Jeff Ashton for the prosecution systematically ripped Dr. Werner Spitz apart:

Dr. Spitz eviscerated the official autopsy report of medical examiner Jan Garavaglia. And if that wasn’t enough, Spitz undermines the fundamental claim of duct tape as the murder weapon.

The author of the silly article instead suggests that this was a huge gain for the defense case. How having your own ‘expert’ ripped to shreds can be viewed as a win is beyond me. Obviously Mr. Kays has greater insight than every other news organisation that has covered the ugly destruction of Dr. Spitz.

Did I miss something?

I have great respect for Dr. Spitz, he has had a long and very illustrious career, but Saturday was an absolute train wreck.

How Mr. Kays of the Student Opperated Press can view it any other way quite frankly amazes me.

Clearly Dr. Spitz wanted to present himself as Rembrandt’s Dr. Tulp.

Instead he came across as badly prepared, and unable to dodge the brutal blows meted out by the prosecution. It was brutal and unrelating. One has to wonder if Mr Rays actually watched the events unfold before writing this obviously inaccurate article? I can only assume that he is looking to ‘intern’ with Geraldo. I doubt that even the bottom feeders of HLN would entertain such an idiot.

Of course I might be completely wrong.It is with great reluctance that I do this, but if you feel the need for Animal House meets journalism the idiocy can be found here.

Simon Barrett

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