We have heard from many sources that the defense are wrapping up their presentation this week. Today was an interesting day, but did it really help the defense?

Today saw Cindy Anthony, George Anthony, and Lee Anthony take the stand. Jan has some comments.

Did Roy Kronk come across as ‘morally bankrupt’? He may be, but watching his performance I have to admit that very few of the defense ‘mud balls’ seemed to stick. Roy Kronk, in my opinion weathered the storm. He did not come across as the ‘morally bankrupt’ individual that Jose Baez painted him as being in his opening statement.

Clearly the defense attorney Jose Baez also had a huge problem with trying to introduce River Cruz into the mix. That one was a ‘Smackdown’ from the ‘get go’.

Without doubt the most incredulous move by the defense today was calling Jessie Grund to the stand. Jessie offers the opportunity to create a huge problem for the defense. Of course Jose Baez used his ‘Pop Tarting’ skills which kept the prosecution from asking any serious questions.

I am not sure that ‘Pop Tarting’ witnesses is the best defense strategy. I see two major issues, firstly that the jury might be more able to take in and consider  ‘Pop Tarted’ testimony’.  The second problem is that it gives the prosecution the opportunity to think ahead. Is it better to have a witness ‘spill their guts’ in one journey to the stand, or allow the prosecution to slice and dice what is going on?

Pop Tarting Jessie Grund may well open doors that are not helpful to the defense. That door if cracked open might lead to some issues with Jim Hoover and Dominic Casey.

In my opinion the defense are treading on yet another ‘land mine’. The question is whether or not the prosecution the prosecution will let the defense step on it! There are reasons why they may not. Might they wait for the rebuttal? Or even wait till their closing statement?

Simon Barrett

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