It was a busy and brutal day in the Casey Anthony trial. The defense had rested their ‘rag tag’ story yesterday. I have to admit that considering the defense has had almost three years to get those ‘ducks in a row’, somehow they managed to let them escape.

Jose Baez and his team have hurtled downhill faster than an Olympic Bobsleigh team.

I think supposed George Anthony mistress River Cruz summed it up best (of course she was not discussing Jose) ‘It was an accident that snowballed out of control’.

Yes it has snowballed out of control! In his opening statement Jose Baez promised the jury that he would show that Caylee Anthony drowned by accident in the family swimming pool, Casey Anthony was sexually abused by both her father George Anthony and maybe brother Lee Anthony. To top the entire story off, some ‘morally corrupt’ meter reader by the name of Roy Kronk somehow got hold of the dead body and hid it for several months!

Of course what Jose Baez opted to say in his opening statement holds no water. In legal terms an attorney can talk about whatever he likes to chat about in his opening statement. He can talk about his favorite band, his favorite restaurant, or even how ugly the décor is in the court room.

Closing arguments are somewhat different.

So what happened today? Well Cindy Anthony was ripped to shreds by a couple of computer geeks.

So is Casey Innocent?

Where can the defense take their story? They have no sexual abuse, no drowning accident, and no Roy Kronk. In fact one has to take a step back and try to figure out exactly what case Jose Baez and Cheney Mason did put on?

Maybe I was in the rest room, but I do not recall the defense offering any cohesive story. Excuse the pun, but most of the time seemed to be spent by the Defense running around applying Duct Tape to leaks in their story!


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