The science is junk is what the lead defense attorney Jose Baez had to tell the jury in is opening statement, indeed it has been a clarion call for over two years. The State are completely wrong with the ‘science’ , I am not sure how many times I have heard this mantra from Jose Baez, but it is more than a few.

The opportunity to debunk the science was obviously when the State put on their parade of experts. I could be wrong in my analysis, but other than making fools of themselves, the defense did not land any serious blows over the credibility and believability of the experts. The State was well prepared, and their expert witnesses were bullet proof. Pretty much this is what you would expect from a prosecutor with experience.

The Defense ‘probing’ of these experts was akin to watching a train with no brakes hurtle downhill. It was large cannon versus BB gun!

This weekend we have started to see where the defense experts are headed. And while it is not a laughing matter, it is hugely amusing. The ‘expert’ Bug Doctor Dr. William Rodriguez was the first expert to fall. In what can only be described as  a beating of Jose Baez by Judge Perry Mr. Rodriguez was removed from the stand in order to comply with a court order concerning ‘discovery’.

Down but not beaten, Jose Baez led his next lamb to the slaughter. I have great respect for Dr. Werner Spitz , he is a man that has a long and illustrious career. One has to wonder why a man of this stature would even stoop down to this case?

For sure, the Defense part of the testimony worked quite well. Unfortunately though, the State got their chance to ask a few choice questions. It was a demolition derby. I am not sure that either Dr Rodriguez or Dr Spitz were expecting the freight train that prosecutor Jeff Ashton was driving.

In my opinion it was carnage! One of those ‘oops I am not going to do that again’ moments.

No doubt Jose Baez and Chaney Mason are licking their wounds over today. It will be interesting to see if they continue on the ‘science is junk’ line or move on to what Jose Baez told the jury in his opening statement?

The defense has spent most of this week looking for land mines to stand on. I think they have done an excellent job. If there was a land mine to be found, they did! I am not sure how well this will advance their legal careers, but the inherent ability to find Land Mines should provide a lucrative, if short, career in Iraq and Afghanistan,

We will be talking about some of the subjects tomorrow. To listen in live, use this link.

Simon Barrett

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