For many months we have known that Dr G was going to testify. She is known as Dr G, because who can wrap their heads around her real name? Lets face it  Jan Garavaglia  is a bit of a mouthful.

It is much easier just to refer to her as Dr G. The problem I have when I hear DR G’s name is that it is so unusual I tend to get it wrong. I have an interest in art and Garavaglia gets transposed to Caravaggio. I do not mean to do it, but it is the way I think.

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio or just commonly known just as Caravaggio lived between 1573–1610. It was a long time ago! But after watching Dr G on the stand today I could not shake a 400 old painting from my mind. It might not be the best known painting by Caravaggio but Boy Bitten By A Lizard sums up todays testimony.


I am sure that some wit with photoshop could easily replace the ‘boy’ with either Jose Baez or Cheney Mason.

Today all of the defense looked like they had been bitten by a lizard.

Dr G offered compelling evidence in a straightforward manner. It was not so much about science as it was common sense. Today it was not Casey Anthony hyperventilating as much as her ‘dream team’. As Dr G lashed the whip, the welts were obvious on the freshly Dry Cleaned suits worn by the defense lawyers.

It was brutal to watch. And in a huge gaff, they permitted Dr G to rip the accidental drowning theory to shreds! Based on the Dog Disaster, the Computer Catastrophe, and the Sunfire Smellgate evidence, the defense have a hard road ahead of them.
Simon Barrett

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