Lead defense attorney for Casey Anthony, Jose Baez has been shouting from the rooftops for months that the science evidence that the prosecution planned on using was junk science. He made it crystal clear that his experts would ‘debunk’ the silly notions that the prosecution were putting forward.

This prediction however seems to have been as accurate as Radio preacher Harold Camping predicting the end of the world in May. Of course you can’t keep a good whacko down, apparently the new ‘end of the world’ is set for October 21.

So far Jose Baez has managed to achieve little but serious threats of sanctions from Judge Perry. Jose Baez has spent the past few days digging his client an ever deepening hole. Some of it has been amusing to watch, but I do feel sorry for the ‘experts’ involved.

I watched in shock last Saturday as the world famous Dr. Werner Spitz was ripped to shreds by prosecutor Jeff Ashton. It was not Dr. Spitz at fault, it was Jose Baez. If you want an expert opinion you have to share all of the data. This concept apparently does not trickle down to people of Jose Baez’s legal stature.

Today was equally embarrassing, Plant lady Jane Brock did nothing more than contradict another of the defenses Experts. Was the body moved, or not moved? This is a key element in the opening statement that the defense made. In a huge ‘oops’ moment, it would seem that the experts are not in agreement.

The testimony by Mr. Richard Eikelenboom was equally unhelpful. While the concept of bringing in an ‘international’ expert looks good on paper, it has drawbacks. Prosecutor Jeff Ashton played a card right out of the defense deck, the money card. Was the witness looking for fame and fortune in the US?

This is remarkably similar to the game Baez played with the gentleman who was designing ‘the sniffer’ to find signs of human decomposition.

Without doubt the most embarrassing moment for the defense today was bringing on Dr. Marcus Wise of the Oakr Ridge National Laboratory. I am still trying to figure out what the point was. He works closely with Dr. Arpad Vass, so the likelihood of him saying something contrary would seen unlikely. Jose Baez did nothing but bolster the findings of Dr. Vass.

Today was a train wreck for the defense, but there again, you can also view it as just a regular day in the Casey Anthony defense presentation.

There is no doubt in my mind that there is way more entertainment in the court room when the jury has been sent out of the room. That is when you really see the ineptness at it’s best.

Today saw some whining about proposed computer evidence. I can honestly say that I was laughing. ‘But your honor, there are billions of pieces of information on this hard drive’. What a stupid thing to say to a judge. A ‘write blocked‘ copy of the hard drive was provided to the defense two years ago! If you can’t be bothered to look at the data, more fool you, is my thought.

There are other ‘elephants’ waiting in the wings, Jan has an article about just a couple of them. You can find it here.

During today’s break for lunch I talked to Dave Knechel, I won’t share what he said, but apparently it was a very somber defense team.

The defense strategy seems in tatters. It might be time for them to forget the science and move on. But where can they head? What direction can they take to ‘rehabilitate’ their presentation?

Simon Barrett

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