Today saw the very patient Judge Perry once more listen to the seemingly endless ramblings of the Defense team. The ‘A’ in the ABC list of course stands for Anthony. Mother Cindy Anthony was in court and wearing her finest fake jewelry. This is a marked difference from when she is in the witness box looking somewhat disheveled and confused. One can only assume that the (probably) new meds are working great. There was no sign of father George Anthony or brother Lee Anthony, but one can only assume that they were out trying to find jobs! In court daughter Casey Anthony seemed a little disturbed, apparently the money in the defense budget is running dry, she did not warrant her own yellow legal pad, just a single sheet of paper. She took it well, maybe it was the hug from Cheney (the C in the ABC) that took some of the sting out of the lack of a yellow pad sting.

Baez (The B in ABC) meanwhile was still doing his best to get evidence thrown out.

A hot topic today was having had a week to think about Judge Perry’s comments on the subject of jury selection Baez is having a bit of a tizzy. The concept of finding 20 jury members in a 5 day period seems to be in his mind ‘mission impossible’. And the mere thought of picking a jury in Orange County… well I thought that Judge Perry was about to call the paramedics for Baez!

Another issue that seems to be giving the defense team heartburn is the admissibility of some photographs. It is valid to argue that the photos of Casey whooping it up in a nightclub are not pertinent to the trial. But if the pictures were taken during the 31 days of her running her ‘own investigation’ they say a great deal.

On Sunday at 4pm eastern, we will be discussing this weeks events in detail. For the first time since we restarted our regular coverage it seems like we will once again have our full panel joining us.

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Simon Barrett

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