I have to admit that I had expected to call an end to todays proceedings when Jose Baez wrapped up his opening statement. It was somewhat shorter than Linda Drain-Burdick’s 150 minute exploration of the case, but it was an opening statement that could well come back to haunt him and the entire defense effort.

First witness up was George Anthony. The prosecution led him gently through the events and George seemed credible.

The defense, having named George as a Pedophile took their shots. On a scale of 1 to 10, they scored around a minus 8 million.

Are they waiting their turn to roast George at a later stage? Neither the direct nor cross seemed to show the gentleman as anything other than a caring grand parent.

George Anthony is listed on the defense witness list as well, is then when we will see the sparks fly?

The state had spent about 150 minutes on their opening statements, and the defense about 120 minutes. Jose Baez had all but burned George Anthony at the stake. What went wrong?

I don’t know the answer. But it was a very different Jose Baez talking to George Anthony than the confident lawyer talking ‘about’ George Anthony.

The whole sexual abuse issue was disposed with in a simple “no”.

It is obvious that Jose Baez did not like the playing field, George Anthony will be back on the stand, but next time, Jose will have Home Field Advantage.  I suspect that George has not been finished with.

So who is going to face the inquisition tomorrow? My guess is grand mother Cindy Anthony.  Jose Baez managed to score few hits today. But tomorrow is a whole new day.

Simon Barrett

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