Last Friday saw Judge Belvin Perry make some significant rulings in the Casey Anthony case. Late on Saturday the BNN team decided to schedule a Sunday radio program to discuss them. Joining us on air were crime writer Denny Griffin and well known Blogger Dave Knechel.

I wanted to get some perspective on Friday’s rulings. It certainly seemed to be a huge win for the prosecution. Although a win, did it represent a serious issue for the defense?

At issue was the admissibility of statements freely given by Casey Anthony prior to her being read her Miranda rights. Judge Perry has determined that these statements were given freely by Casey Anthony, and will indeed be admissible.

The concenous of the panel is that the prosecution will likely open the case with some of the very early developments. It certainly lays the groundwork for establishing the credibility of Casey Anthony. The inclusion of the trip to the Sawgrass Apartments opens up the whole Zanny the Nanny story. A story that the Baez defense team trumpeted on national TV early in the case but have since cooled about.

The inclusion of the Universal Studios fiasco is also likely going to be part of the prosecutions opening salvo.

Before Jose Baez and Chaney Mason can get in ‘my client is a good young lady who has led an exemplary life’, the prosecution will have shown her to be a consummate liar.

Of equal interest is the ruling that Casey’s parents George and Cindy Anthony, and brother Lee Anthony were not acting as ‘Agents Of The State’. At the very best Baez and Mason were reaching on this motion. Reading Judge Perry’s ruling is illuminating to say the least. It is clear that the Anthony family is in as much internal strife and the defense team.

Starting on Wednesday 23/March the motley defense crew once again enter the the danger zone of Judge Perry’s courtroom. This weeks antics will involve the inclusion of scientific evidence.

If you missed the live program you can catch the recording here.

Simon Barrett

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