Lets face it, Chloroform is messy, it smells, and if you don’t know what you are doing can have some pretty terminal side effects. Xanax on the other hand is small and portable, but the downside is that you need a prescription for it, and depending on your health insurance coverage it can be quite pricey. Of course you can obtain it on the black market, but once again the price becomes a bit of an issue, it likely would be cheaper to just pay a babysitter rather than buy a pill. You also run the rather nasty chance of getting busted by the cops, and right now Law Enforcement in Florida seems to be pretty hot in the heels of anyone involved in the illegal trading of prescription drugs like xanax.

Running foul of Law Enforcement over the buying and selling of prescription drugs is a sure fire way to obtain an all expenses paid lengthy vacation in one of their many fine ‘resorts’.

There is a ‘Hot Body’ contest almost every day, due to the fact that the air conditioning is broke. Shot Girls deliver the finest Hooch made from rotten fruit and vegetables. Best of all, you need not worry about sun screen or skin cancer. These resorts are specifically designed to minimize expose to the potential harm caused by exposure to the suns rays.

Of course a Club Florida vacation is not for everyone. Meals are served at a set time, and the buffet is a bit lacking in choice. Also the staterooms are a little poorly appointed. The interior designer clearly went for functionality rather than aesthetics. Each stateroom does however come with an in-suite toilet. This is one area where the designers have not cut corners. No cheap porcelain here, they have taken a leaf out of the Kohl book and used stainless steel.

Casey Anthony is currently enjoying what likely will be a lengthy vacation at Club Florida, and I am not sure that she is enjoying it a great deal.

Of course if she had read Instructables.com this vacation might have been avoided. Sleepy-Time Smoothie.

Simon Barrett

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