Yesterday Jan and I dusted of the microphones and decided to bring our Sunday afternoon program back on the air.

It was something that Jan and I had discussed at length, but the final call to action came from a phone call with our good friend William Cobra Staubs. Cobra explained that his life was so boring without the Sunday radio adventure that he had decided to remodel his kitchen.

One look at the wanton destruction and Jan and I realized that Cobra needed an outlet for his anger other than power tools and wrecking cranes!


OK, I jest (but the picture is real).

The Casey Anthony trial is set to start in about 10 weeks, and rather that the case being in a state of stasis as each side finalizes their tactics, the case is in uproar. Motions are flying and they are no longer the trivial ones that everyone has come to know and love from Jose Baez. These are motions that have far more serious potential consequences than Van Halen requesting a bowl of M&M’s with the brown ones removed (see concert rider).

At the heart of the latest go around is the subject of when Casey Anthony was read her Miranda rights. At what point does a victim become a suspect? At what point do the friends and family shift from being people freely offering information to being agents of the state?

To discuss this we asked Peter Hyatt, Dave Knechel, and William Cobra Staubs to join our panel.

We always enjoy talking to all three of them, they represent different areas of expertise. Peter Hyatt is the clinical written word guru, the science is called Statement Analysis. William Cobra Staubs is the ‘in the trenches’ investigator who will leave no stone unturned. To some Dave Knechel is just a lowly blogger. Well that is not the case. When it comes to the Casey Anthony story he is the go to guy. Check out his web site.

Of course Dave has his detractors, but I have this to say. Personally I don’t like Pizza and I don’t Nancy Grace. My solution is to avoid both! Pizza tears my stomach up, and Nancy gives me a headache. So if you don’t like Dave, don’t do Dave!

We also managed to touch on some other cases, some are well known, some are not. You can read about some of them at our sister site on If you missed the live program we do have the recording available.

On a personal note, both Jan and I want to thank everyone for the great support that we received from listeners and readers. We may well be back!

Simon and Jan Barrett

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