Simon and Jan Barrett were joined by Orlando based journalist Dave Knechel, well known California lawyer Mannie Barling, crime writer Denney Griffin, and Florida Bail bondsman William Cobra Staubs.

Last week saw the door close on one chapter of the Casey Anthony story. Many people were shocked by the ‘not guilty’ verdicts, and although Judge Perry did what he could with the 4 counts of lying to the police, by this time next week, Casey Anthony will be free.

Was justice served in this case? That was a question that I poised to the panel. The answers varied depending on the point of view used. From a cold clinical aspect, yes justice was served, the letter of the law was followed. From an emotional standpoint, no, justice was denied.

In a press conference following the not guilty verdict Jose Baez made the observation “There are no winners”. That is true, but there are losers. The biggest loser being Caylee Anthony. She has received no justice. In fact it is possible or even probable that she never will.

America may have an imperfect system however it has an uncanny knack of reaching the ‘finish line’ eventually. One only needs to look back at the OJ saga to see that. Or the more recent Haliegh Cummings case. Do not give up on the system, it does work.

We spent some time on the program discussing the role of the tabloid TV news in the case, particularly the role of HLN and Nancy Grace. Her role is a complex one. Did she help or hinder? One thing is certain, she brought the Caylee Anthony to the national press. Without her this entire story would have been buried on page 5 of the local newspaper and forgotten in a week.

There is another side of the coin. Did she insert herself too deeply into the case, and as a result colored it, all in the name of ratings?

Mannie Barling works primarily in the ‘Hollywood zone’. He had some interesting observations to make. I will not try to paraphrase them, I suggest that you listen to the recording of the program. You can listen to it here:

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Casey Anthony may well be free next Sunday, but what does that really mean? Where can she go, what can she do, without being in the media spotlight?

There are also civil suits brewing. It may be possible for her to delay the Zanny problem on the 19th, but how long for? There are also rumors of other suits.

The State of Florida is making noises about trying to recover their costs for the investigation, thats a non starter! Recovery of Jury costs is equally a non starter.

As Mannie Barling pointed out ‘It opens the door to double jeopardy’.

Of course much of the problem can be made to go away with her declaring bankruptcy. About the only real issue is the IRS who really want their money. But in the grand scheme of things $70,000 is a pimple on a gnats bum.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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