Friday saw a number of potentially far reaching decisions made by Judge Belvin Perry. I think it can be summed up as a win for the prosecution team. The significance of the rulings are ones that probably caused Jose Baez and Chaney Mason rushing for the industrial sized bottle of Tums.

The Miranda did (or didn’t) do it defense has gone the same way as the Zanny the Nanny strategy! Judge Perry has ruled that statements made prior to Casey Anthony being read her Miranda rights are indeed admissible in court.  Maybe of equal importance is that statements freely given by the Anthony family are also fair game. The family were not ‘Agents of the state’.

Next week we see yet another wild adventure, on the 23rd a Frye hearing will be conducted. The term Frye may not be one that is easily recognizable. In simple terms it is a determination of what scientific methods are valid to be used in a court case. Of course this sounds stupid, but it is not. Both Fingerprints and DNA have faced similar scrutiny.

As always this is a last moment decision to go on air, and the guest list is fluid. But I am sure that some of the guests will not come as a surprise to any of our regular listeners or readers.

We will be live at 4pm eastern, and to listen live just use this link.

The sordid tale of what happened to two year old Caylee Anthony has been a hot topic since the day that Grandmother Cindy Anthony made the (now admissible) 911 call.

Please join us tomorrow for the latest updates.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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