We will be running our regular radio program at 4pm eastern on Sunday June/12. I am still waiting for confirmation from a couple of our regular panel members, but it looks like most of the crew will be in attendance.

It has been another interesting week in the trial. The prosecution have entered the ‘science’ phase of their presentation. Much of the ‘expert’ testimony has been riveting and compelling.

For months we have heard defense lead Jose Baez wax lyrical on the subject of this evidence, It is Junk Science he says. Science is bunk!

This week presented Jose Baez with the opportunity to explain exactly what was wrong with the science. I am not sure that he managed to convince anyone of his theory. In fact by his stepping on the occasional ‘land mine’ he seemed to bolster the prosecution case. Permitting Dr. G to open the drowning door certainly rained on the defenses parade. The sealed can of ‘death stink’ was a land mine that he seemed bound and determined to step on. Luckily cooler heads prevailed and Jose Baez remains with both legs still attached.

Dealing with Expert Witnesses is a challenge at the best of times, If you are not careful they will eat you alive! And that very much is what happened in the trial this week.

Another side show was Casey Anthony herself. Was she sick? Jan has an interesting article on that, you can read it here.

One thing that has been bothering Jan, myself, and some others that are following the trial is Casey Anthony’s demeanor. She has a split personality, one for when the jury is present and a completely different one when they are not. Obviously the jury are not aware of this, but Judge Belvin Perry is no fool, you can bet that he is watching this with interest.

The jury themselves are also not fools. I had a conversation with panel member and veteran trial lawyer Mannie Barling on this subject earlier today. Most of the jury tend to be older men and women that are financially secure. You can infer much into this simple statement. They are worldly wise, and intelligent. The constant “we object” from the defense team, and the by now expected response of  “Overruled” by Judge Perry has not gone unnoticed.  Mannie ended his law lecture to me with “Jury’s are not as stupid as you think”!

This afternoon I also had an opportunity to talk with panelist Dave Knechel, he is the unique position of being part of the press corp with access to the court room. He had some interesting observations and I am sure that he will be sharing them with the listeners tomorrow.

A call to the always colorful William Cobra Stuabs was also illuminating. To some people his theories are from the ‘far side’, but, he more often than not actually he is quite close to the mark. There is a Pandoras Box waiting to be opened in this trial. I think the prosecution are smart enough to avoid it, however I am certain that the defense will walk right into it with their eyes wide shut!

Join us tomorrow at 4pm eastern to hear what everyone has to say. The link is here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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