It was a busy week in the Casey Anthony trial, and an equally busy radio program. With so much to discuss we went to a 120 minute schedule rather than the usual 90 minutes. Even with the extra time we did not cover many of the issues.

The panel consisted of Simon and Jan Barrett. Well known Hollywood Lawyer Mannie Barling, Orlando Magazine journalist Dave Knechel, crime writer and investigator Denny Griffin, bail bondsman William Cobra Staubs, and statement analysis guru Peter Hyatt.

For part of the program we also were joined by long time friend of BNN, TJ Hart. TJ is in a very unique position, he is the programing and news director for The Sky 97.3 out of Gainesville, Florida. His 50,000 watt radio signal can be picked up in parts of the Orlando area. Having TJ join us on the program was akin to a high school reunion. What do his listeners make of the Casey Anthony trial?

This week in the Casey Anthony trial we have watched as the prosecution have relentlessly moved the ball forward. However the early momentum in my opinion has now stalled. The awe of the ‘people’ testimony has given way to the maybe less riveting ‘science’ testimony.

It was with this thought that I entered into today’s program, I was curious as to what the panel might think?

I do not run a scripted program, I just have a few points to introduce. Well, even by extending the program to two hours, I was less than half way through before the ‘countdown timer’ had hit the red zone.

If you missed the live program, you can listen to the recording here. You might be surprised at some of the comments made.

Two questions that we did not get to, but are bugging me, Lee Anthony went to great lengths to be allowed into the court prior to giving testimony, yet we have not seen him since taking the stand. Is he more concerned about the Defense aspect? The second nag involves the Big Hatted bounty hunter Leonard Padilla, and the rumored Cease and Desist letter from George and Cindy Anthony. I ask myself why? Can he inflict damage to the case?

Simon and Jan Barrett

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