August is always a slow month in the news world, even hardened criminals like the Government take the month off!

The lack of news means that stories that otherwise would not get any coverage are suddenly thrust into the lime light. A great example of this phenomena is Nancy Grace taking part in ‘dancing with the stars’, who cares? About the only part I want to see is her cut the judges off when they talk to her. To the best of my knowledge she has never let a critic actually finish a sentence.

Of equal unimportance are the stories circulating about the Casey Anthony trial. Book deals abound. The issue right now is time. Casey Anthony is like a donut, it loses its allure the longer you wait to eat it. A fresh donut is yummy, a three day old one loses some of its taste. WHO enjoys a stale donut?

PI Dominic Casey however feels that he has a story to tell. But what story does he have?

What could Dominic Casey bring to the table?

He was under the employ of Jose Baez for a time, it is questionable about if, how much, and when money changed hands. He also flirted with George and Cindy Anthony, in what capacity, and why is another question.

Really there is only one question that Dominic Casey may be able to shed some light on. But I have doubts that he will tell us the answer.

The outline for his book will be:

Chapter 1 – My Early Life
Chapter 2 – Career Decisions
Chapter 3 – Life as a PI
Chapter 4 – Involvement in the Casey Anthony case
Chapter 5 – That Pesky Phone Call – I plead the 5th

Dominic Casey has nothing to offer other than to answer one question. Who was he really on the phone with when videotaped in the woods?

The Brits have a delightful term ‘Tosser’, there is another ‘Thats a load of bolloks’. So I would join them together, Dominic Casey is a Tosser who is selling a load of Bollocks. Of course that is just my thoughts.

Simon Barrett

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