caylee-a.jpgJudge Belvin Perry has made his decision about whether or not Casey Anthony will have to return to Orlando to serve the year’s probation that she was ordered to serve when she stood before Judge Stan Strickland and plead guilty to the stealing checks from her friend while her daughter, Caylee was missing.

Casey was sentenced to 412 days in jail and year probation to be served when she was released from jail. Somehow there was an error on the written order and the defense attorney’s argued that Anthony served her probation while in jail even though Judge Strickland verbally ordered it to be served once she was released. Once she was released last month from jail several questions were brought up as to why she wasn’t serving her probation which prompted Judge Strickland to amend his order demanding that Anthony return to Orlando to do her probation but Anthony’s attorneys are fighting it.

Judge Perry issued his order in writing that Casey Anthony must report to the Department of Corrections in two weeks to serve the supervised probation. He wrote that probation is meant to rehabilitate an individual and that serving probation while incarcerated would clearly thwart society’s interest in extracting a full, fair, and just punishment for the crime.

“To permit the Defendant, whose counsel was well aware that the probation was to begin upon the Defendant’s release from jail, to avoid serving probation now, would take a lawfully imposed sentence and make it a mockery of justice,” said Judge Perry.

He also went on to scold Jose Baez, Anthony’s lead attorney saying he as an officer of the court had a duty to intervene when it was apparent his client’s sentence was not being imposed according to the judge’s order.

“To additionally seek to use a scrivener’s error to achieve an end that was against the court’s intent, especially where both parties had argued the issue of when probation should commence, strikes at the very foundation of our justice system,” he stated in his written order.

Judge Perry says that Jose Baez violated his duty of candor, which is “the gold standard that all officers of the court – especially attorneys – must live by.”

He did note that the court was aware of the high probability that there have been threats made to harm Anthony so he is giving the Department of Corrections his authorization to make an exception and keep her address private while she is on probation.

Casey Anthony must report to an Orange County probation officer no later than August 26, 2011 at noon or earlier if she wants to.

I hope she is ordered to find a legitimate job and not one going to her attorney’s office for 6 hours a day (to play on the computer or God knows what else) to make it look like she is working. I also hope she feels the fear that little Caylee felt when her life was taken from her, or at least something close to it.

Thank you, Judge Perry, for making this ruling. Casey needs to learn she can’t have everything her way especially when she broke the law. It is time she is treated like every other citizen here. You do the crime, you do the time!

Thank you God! This is at least a small bit of justice for Caylee at least.

Jan Barrett

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