Judge Belvin Perry out of Orlando Florida made a ruling today that Casey Anthony should be responsible for paying more than $97,000 for the costs during the investigation authorities had while searching for Anthony’s daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.This request was made due to the fact that Anthony was found guilty of lying to the police about her daughter’s disappearance. She led the authorities and the public to believe that her daughter had been kidnapped by Zanny the Nanny.

Prosecutors had asked for more than $500,000 to be reimbursed but Judge Perry ruled that the total amount will be $97,676.98, which includes:

-    $61,505.12 for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
-    $10,283.90 for the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation
-    $25,837.96 for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department
-    $50 to the State’s Attorney’s Office

These are the costs that incurred between July 12, 2008 and September 29, 2008 while investigators were searching for Caylee. When speaking of these charges, Judge Perry said “They are reasonably related to the investigative work provided as a result of Defendant providing false information as to the location of her daughter, Caylee Anthony and making other misrepresentations to law enforcement.”

Of course since Anthony was declared indigent while in jail waiting on her trial, one has to ask how she is going to pay this bill, not to mention the money the IRS says she owes them. I am unclear as to the terms she has in order to make these payments though. What happens if she fails to make them? Would it mean she could be held in contempt of court if she fails to make the payments? Or will they do anything to her for not following the judge’s ruling?

I say if someone can pay for her to have 24/7 security and if the rumors are true about someone giving her $200,000 to start a new life, then she should be able to manage to fork out this payment, with no problem. I think it is time that Casey Anthony pays for the crimes she commits one way or another. I say no more free ride for her, just because she is Casey Anthony! She is no different from any other criminal that breaks the law. Stop giving her special privileges, no matter what her attorney’s say.

Jan Barrett

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