There was some interesting phone traffic today. It certainly gave me pause for thought. It has been apparent for a very long time that the defense team headed by Jose Baez is not out to prove Casey Anthony’s innocence, but rather cast dispersions on other people. A friend of mine referred to the tactic as ‘creating reasonable doubt’.

There is nothing wrong with this defense tactic, and has been used many many times before. However what might be the outcome, and fallout from Manufacturing Reasonable Doubt?

The first call of the day came from William Cobra Staubs.  He called to warn me that there was a deposition planned for this morning. Casey Anthony’s  defense team led by Jose Baez was deposing Richard Grund. This was a fight that has been long in the making. Richard Grund’s son Jessie has been often mentioned by Baez as a potential explanation for the death of Caylee Anthony. Of course this is about as likely as the Zanny the Nannie story!

It will take a few days to get the transcript of the deposition, but it does appear that Baez and his team  opened their mouths and inserted their feet.

I am being told that in part the depo discussed a defense plan to manufacture evidence.

The chain of command seems to be  PI Jim Hoover, to PI Dominic Casey, to Jose Baez. The target was to obtain the fingerprints and DNA of Jessie Grund. The first attempt involved Casey Anthony, but that failed, the second attempt involved Lee Anthony, who traveled to Atlanta to meet with Jessie Grund.

Why would they want this information?

There are many possibilities, none of which sound good. What possible reason could the defense team have in wanting Jessie Grund’s fingerprints and DNA? More importantly why did these have to be obtained though deceptive methods? Several ideas were floated on the phone today, I will keep them to myself for now.

I want to reiterate that the depo has not yet been transcribed, I am merely working from second hand accounts. You can rest assured that when the depo is transcribed, I will have an update.

Update: I have to point out that it was not Richard Grund that started the DNA witch hunt. He and his family are victims. My information came from a third party. Richard Grund is not denying the information, merely that he was not the person that leaked them.  Nor does he have first person evidence.

Simon Barrett

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