This week saw another two days of Court time taken up dealing with pre-trial motions, primarily aimed at some of the scientific evidence that the prosecution wishes to use. The defense is arguing long (boring) and hard that the science is junk science.

Will Beaz get it all tossed? Root growth, air samples showing chloroform, cadaver dogs, etc?

What was interesting this week was the seeming apathy by the prosecution, Jeff Ashton waived Cross on a couple of occasions. Maybe the scientific evidence is not very important to the prosecutions case?

In football terms, was Jeff Ashton just letting Jose Baez run the clock down?

Science and juries never seem to get along well. Juries get bored with being put back in school to learn new things, they much prefer dealing with concepts that they already understand.

Listening to hours of root growth, air analysis or stains in Casey Anthony’s car, hardly make for riveting court room drama for a sequestered jury.

Do the prosecution need, or really care about this evidence? Sure it is nice to have, but it plays second fiddle to the really compelling evidence.

The 31 days between Caylee Anthony going missing, and the fact being reported. Cindy and George Anthony both claiming that Casey Anthony’s car smelled of death. Casey’s fantasy of working for Universal Studios. Money theft, her party habits in those 31 days. These are worth many more points to a prosecution than spikes on a chromatograph, or the ‘best practices in training a Cadaver dog’.

Also of interest was Judge Perry’s final comments today concerning jury selection. Was this a pre-emptive strike?

I do hope that you can join us on Sunday at 4pm to listen to what the panel has to say.  The exact panel is still being finalized, but it seems that Jan and I will be joined by the usual suspects.

You can use this link to listen in live.

Simon Barrett

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